Converting .mov files to mpeg

  geedad 22:15 24 Dec 2004

My camera clips are .mov files. When converting from .mov to mpeg on my PC, there seems to be something like a five times increase in the size of the files. Is this what anyone else has experienced. I keep getting caught out on this one when trying to finally create DVDs.
Hope someone out there can help!
Many thanks!

  Carl @ UD 22:21 24 Dec 2004

Which software are using not only to convert but to write to DVD.

Nero 6 will compile a DVD from your .mov files into DVD format format for you and allows a lot of editing function.

  geedad 22:58 24 Dec 2004

Carl @ UD.
I am using "Adobe Premier LE" to convert .mov to mpeg, then "Click to DVD" for final conversion to DVD - no problems, I am just surprised by the difference in the files sizes.As an example, I start off with say, 1.2Gb in .mov files, then when converted to mpeg, they seem to be 5 times the size!
Is Nero 6 a freebie? It may be worth trying for expediency.
Thank you for your speedy response.

  Carl @ UD 23:05 24 Dec 2004

No Nero is not a freebie bit is the most commonly used burning software.

Have you any other burning software ?

This site offers good help too :-

click here

  geedad 23:12 24 Dec 2004

Carl @ UD.
No other, and thanks again for your help.

  woodchip 23:21 24 Dec 2004

A free burner hear similar to Nero click here

  geedad 07:58 25 Dec 2004

Thanks for your response.

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