Converting flash sites for viewing on iphone

  rupie 15:06 27 Apr 2010

I have built a web site, which is in flash. Because the iphone does not show flash is there any way to convert it to be viewed and how would my site know that an iphone has requested a page, so it sends it to the converted file ?

  MAT ALAN 22:50 28 Apr 2010

Don't really know anything about websites, but considering an iphone is probably one of the most popular mobile medias, why have you chosen to create a website that is not compatable...

click here

this might change your mind to maybe creating a more user friendly site...

  rupie 01:50 29 Apr 2010

I have an iphone but the world does not revolve about them...

  MAT ALAN 07:58 29 Apr 2010

It seems it does not evolve around "flash" websites either.
My point is simply that these types of websites are far from user friendly, not knowing what your site is intending to do or as a comsumer who you are directing it at BUT redesigning a more "user friendly" site might be the way to go..
There are Webdesigners who use this forum who are far more qualified to address your issue and you must be prepared for constructive criticism...

  Ansolan 22:47 29 Apr 2010

Hi rupie

There can always be exceptions and don't know your site or the purpose. In general though, flash sites are a major disadvantage. Apart from potential visitors you will never see, the figures for those you do see aren't great, compared to other sites. Bounce rates about 11% higher, time on site even worse, 21% lower.

Visitors apart, getting these sites to perform well in search engines is difficult and they will rarely match other sites even with the best of skills. To give a precise example of one site (unfortunately can't share the site)

Ran as a full flash site for just under two years, so reasonably established but never great performance. The third quarter of 2009 yielded £82000 directly from the site. A complete rebuild went live in November 2009, naturally other improvements but primarily not in flash. The site turnover for the first quarter this year, normally their worst, was £154000, nearly double.

To answer your question, yes there are ways you could serve a site of sorts to the iphone but that wouldn't be the same site and in any event, isn't the point. Doing so in a compliant way would take some effort, which you might prefer to put into a different type of site.

I'm not a flash enemy and in it's place this can add to a site in small doses but isn't good when scaled up, or looking to the future. Not following the Jobsian line, flash will be around for quite a while but is a technology which will wane rather than prosper.

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