Converting from FAT32 to NTFS using convert.exe

  Tangy 08:16 03 Jun 2004

I heard I can convert the filing system of my PC from FAT32 to NTFS using something called 'convert.exe'. With my Windows XP, is it easy to do? I have 2 partitions on my hard disk at the moment. Does this 'convert.exe' do it's job without reformatting the partitions? I would hate to have to back up all my files & reinstall all other applications if it's going to reformat the disk.

  Lionheart ? 08:35 03 Jun 2004

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  Taran 08:40 03 Jun 2004

OPen a command prompt and type this:

convert D: /fs:ntfs

This will convert a drive letter D: from FAT32 to NTFS. Obviously for C: you would type:

convert C: /fs:ntfs

You will probably get a message to the effect that the partition to be converted could not be dismounted and would you like to schedule the job for the next time your PC reboots.

Agree to this and restart the PC.

Go and watch pain dry for a few minutes and when you come back your machine will have converted the partition and started into Windows.

You can add switches to the covert command like this:

convert D: /fs:ntfs /nochkdsk

The /nochkdsk swicth tells the system not to check the disk for errors during the convert process.

Like all operations of this nature there is a risk to your data so you should back it up anyway. Converting to NTFS does not format the drive, it converts the file system used on it, but things do somethimes go wrong and I'd be the last person to tell you to charge ahead without taking a backup first.

  ventanas 08:45 03 Jun 2004

I must have done this a dozen times without any major problem, but what Taran says makes sense. Back up anything vital. The only problem I have had is with Outlook 2002, Had to run the repair on two machines because of dll problems. It was fixed easily.

During the initial process you will be asked for your volume label, if it has one. So you will need to know the title eg Main Drive; Local Disk etc. and enter it when asked.

  dogtrack 12:15 04 Jun 2004


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