Converting DVD to AVI (?) files

  FreMar 17:24 21 Feb 2010

I have quite a number of old JVC GRS 77 camcorder tapes (S-VHS analog)(pre 1990) that I have now transfered to DVD's via a VHS tape adaptor in a combi VHS/DVD recorder, but I would like to be able to edit the original contents of the tapes by importing the files from the DVD's into a moviemaker software on my computer. How can I do this? I have downloaded free/trial versions of converters,such as Quick Media Converter, but I still cant see what I have to do in these, as they don't seem to come with a great deal of clear (simple?) instructions. Any help would be gratefully received.

  MAJ 18:11 21 Feb 2010

If you simply rename the .vob video file to .mpeg (you'll get a warning about changing the extension, but ignore it) your "moviemaker software" might then be able to handle it as long as it doesn't only support .avi files. Do this with copies of your video files, don't use the originals, just in case.

  MAJ 18:16 21 Feb 2010

Or if that doesn't work, try Format Factory to convert to avi. click here

  FreMar 18:59 21 Feb 2010

Thanks MAJ, I will have a go at that in the morning, we have just had visitors come now. Will let you know how I get on with it.

  eedcam 22:35 21 Feb 2010

it is better if you retain as Mpeg and edit as such apart from the file size factor converting then rencoding is possible to affect the quality
If you only want to do basic cut and join then DVD shrinkm is adequate its free and will do that wihtout and converting.Its free
click here if thasts the way you are happy to go then come backn and I'll explain how

  FreMar 13:00 22 Feb 2010

Thanks eedcam. I downloaded DVD Shrinkm and might use that to edit the DVD’s, but it has occurred to me that I could do a very basic editing of the tapes when transferring them to DVD+RW’s via the VCR/VCR/HDD recorder by just by pausing the DVD, omit the bits I don’t want, collect all the relevant clips for each subject on to a rewritable disk, and then make a straight copy on my pc, pass them on to each recipient, and then re-use the DVDRW. As my wife pointed out, I could go to a lot of trouble doing complex edits etc to them, just for them to be played once and then stuck in a draw. I think I may be out of my depth with trying to convert the DVD’s into suitable files for a moviemaker program though.
I renamed the .vob files to Mpeg as suggested by MAJ, and imported them into a Serif MoviePlus 5 program, where they do now play ok, but there is no audio in the timeline/storyboard edit section, but it can be heard in the sample clips in the import section at the side, when the curser is held on them. The program referred to codec conversion for the audio after importing the clips, and offered a possible one that could be used by clicking on it, and also other variants, but I still can’t hear anything.
I was able to drag and drop the renamed mpeg video files into the moviemaker, but not 4 others that were in the opened Video_TS file that I had save to my documents. These were: Video TS. Bup, VTS_01 Bup, VTS_01 IFO, and Video_TS IFO. Would the absence of these be the lack of audio problem? I would still like the option of editing on my pc if possible. Any further idea’s?

  Rahere 15:30 22 Feb 2010

I have been doing a lot of this recently and a decent video editing program like avidemux should handle it, you can copy files from the CD to the hard drive to a folder on your main hard drive, open a file in avidemux, prompts to index and select sound from mpeg are automatic, now edit and then save in the file format you need.

download click here

Try click here for guidance.

If you have problems with codecs try the K-Lite Codec Pack (Basic, Standard or Full should be fine) this usually helps play files that windows won't recognise click here

  FreMar 20:28 22 Feb 2010

Thanks for the info Rahere, I've downloaded the programs but haven't had much chance to try them properly yet, I will let you know how i get on. Thanks again.

  AlexYu 06:19 23 Feb 2010

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  FreMar 19:43 23 Feb 2010

Thanks Lazarus The 2nd, the Serif info download was very helpfull and also the codec one, I do now seem to have got the hang of what I want to do re DVD's to my moviemaker program.
Thanks also to AlexYu for the info on iMovie info, unfortunately it seemed to be for Mac pc's and I'm working with Widows XP, which I should have stated in my original posting. However, a pal does have a Mac, and he was interested in that program, so I have passed the details on to him. Thanks again to all who sent info on this problem, it was all useful stuff.

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