converting to dvd

  peterh1 22:25 19 Nov 2008

could someone please tell me how to convert and burn my films to disk I.E how to get them to play on my dvd"cheap one mind from asda ha ha...ive wasted over 8 disks now trying to burn them in windows media player.ive got vista home premium for dummies and im still not getting it PLEASE help anyone ....thanks guys and girls..signed stressed to death..

  Les28 23:04 19 Nov 2008

I think you are burning a DVD data disk and not a DVD video disk.
This shows what you are doing in Windows Media Player is making a DVD data disk not a video disk.

click here

This is how to use Vista Home Premium or Ultimate to burn a DVD video disk to play on a DVD player, using Windows DVD maker.

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or you could download some freeware DVD video burning progs like these.

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  Terminus90 02:30 20 Nov 2008

click here

and then use dvd flick to burn them

  peterh1 11:02 20 Nov 2008

thanks guys ive downloaded the quick converter and then burn it with my acer arcade deluxe once converted to dvd from div-x?hopefully it will work now fingers crossed...the windows dvd maker wouldnt let me burn it has the file was corupt or not recganized so had to do it this way???any easier ways or is it a case of sit back and wait???thanks once again matey's

  Les28 16:17 20 Nov 2008

Your Video DVD burning software should do the conversion from DivX to DVD as part of the DVD making process, without you having to spend time doing a pre-conversion from DivX to DVD VOB first, it may not be any shorter in time but that way the one program is handling the whole process.

I can only speak from my own experience I use Nero Vision Express part of the Nero CD/DVD making package and can import DivX files straight into NVExpress, under the All Files option and burn to DVD video, must admit it's very rare I ever use DivX, mostly DV-AVI and mpeg2.

Looking at DVD Flick it seems you can input AVI, DivX, XviD, and it will do the conversion, author the DVD and burn to DVD video disk in one.

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  peterh1 09:34 21 Nov 2008

thanks alot les28 for the guidence to afterdawn what a site "brilliant" im now a member and will be makeing full use of the guides and forum...once again thankyou all very much!!!

  Les28 11:14 21 Nov 2008

Glad to have helped peterh1, here's another site you might find useful, Les.

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