Converting .doc file to .jpg

  Digital 12:40 23 Sep 2014

I have a photo which has been sent to me as a .doc file. Is it possible to convert it to a .jpg file for editing?

  northumbria61 13:09 23 Sep 2014

Download and install this Word to JPEG Converter

  wee eddie 13:31 23 Sep 2014

Are you sure that this is what has happened. Perhaps the picture has been placed in a Document.

If this is what has happened.

Right Click > Select "Save as picture" > Select a Name and Destination. Bobs yer uncle

  Digital 15:08 23 Sep 2014

Thanks northumbria61, I'll give that a try.

No, wee eddie, it's been sent as a .doc file but thanks for the idea.

  compumac 16:01 23 Sep 2014

If the .doc file is an attachment in the e-mail then open the attachment and click on the picture -you should be then able to copy the picture.

  Digital 17:06 23 Sep 2014

Thanks compumac but it only copies as a doc file which photo editors can't open.

I tried that colsky but it doesn't work either!

  john bunyan 17:20 23 Sep 2014

Does it open when you click on it? If so , although the quality would not be great, you could use the snipping tool then "save as" a jpeg. Probably easier to ask the sender to resend it as a jpeg!

  wee eddie 17:36 23 Sep 2014

And will any Word Processor open it?

  compumac 18:12 23 Sep 2014

I inserted a photo into a Word document (.doc) sent it as an attachment to myself. I clicked on the attachment and then clicked on the photo in the Word document and was able to copy it to another place. Can you not do that?

If you are not able to access the photo separately, can you not ask the sender to send it as jpg?

  wee eddie 23:08 23 Sep 2014

The other end must have copied the photo into a .doc File, which is a Word Document.

Ignore the thought that it is a photo. Well it is, but as part of a Word File.

Open it as you would normally open a .doc file, with Word.

Once you have opened the Word File you will see what appears to be a Page with a Photo on it. Then follow my instructions, naming the Destination as your Desktop. There you will find your JPEG

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