converting avi files?

  dfghjkl 23:53 06 Aug 2004

hello all,i am just playing with my new toy.i have just tried to burn a dvd of some avi videos i have on my hard disc.i am using nero 6 (oem)
when i am selecting video files to burn it wont show up because it doesnt have a file name ending it recognises for video,it will burn as data but i could do that with my cdr,but when i change nero for video files it shows an empty file.
so how can i change them so the avi file is recognised?
any free software better than nero?

  Night Ryder 00:01 07 Aug 2004

Not sure I understand but if you are trying to make a DVD that will play on a domestic DVD player you must first convert the files to mp2 DVD format.

  dfghjkl 00:43 07 Aug 2004

ok that sounds good to would i go about this?i did try with nero but no joy.thanks,peter.

  dfghjkl 11:12 07 Aug 2004

that is what i want to do,can anyone help please?

  thms 11:34 07 Aug 2004

Try here they are all free click here

You can not burn to dvd using nero with out the mpeg-2/dvd plug-in which unfortunately you have to pay for.

  dfghjkl 00:16 08 Aug 2004

thanks thms,i will give it a go.priceless info as usual,pc advisor to the rescue.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 01:21 08 Aug 2004

idont advise using the boilsoft shareware converter, unless your gonna pay for it, it leaves a bloody annoying watermark through your movie, [as do 90% of the trials, the others only let you do 15 mins converting or so] although what you need is an avi to mpeg converter, i dont think your gonna find one thats freeware, ive looked an looked, in the end i paid 12 quid for the boilsoft lite converter, but i dont rate it much,

i would advise dl'ing a few of the shareware trials see which one You prefer before parting with the credit card.

hope it helps


  dfghjkl 22:27 08 Aug 2004

i had a look at the boilsoft software but i had problems with it.i converted it to what i thought was dvd only to find i could not view it,only hear it.i then read up and found i needed more software to finish it off in order to use nero.i downloaded the file ifoedit but am having problems with it recognising the files.any more help would be appreciated.can i buy a nero plugin?thanks,peter.

  stalion 23:33 08 Aug 2004

try this it is free click here

  Night Ryder 01:21 09 Aug 2004

If finances will allow "Adobe" Encore DVD will do the job. This is the software I use ... not cheap however.

  Tree3 01:53 09 Aug 2004

if you can get hold opf nerovision 2 for nero6 that will convert the avi file into dvd format either stored on the hard drive or straight onto a dvd, i have used it in the past and it works well

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