Converting Audio Files to MP3 (Or other)

  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 09:29 26 Feb 2003

Hi all,

I have a Sony Digital Voice recorder that produces files in "DVF" format (Digital Voice File). THese files may then be "Converted" using the Sony software to WAV files or MSV files (Which I think are another Sony Format).

If I convert to WAV and then try to convert to say an MP3 file in Nero Ahead MP3 Pro, I get the message that the Windows Media Player microsoft licence will not allow such conversion. (WMA files into any other format).

So, I have ended up with a load of WAV files that are about 90 odd MB and I need to "Shrink" them - the question is "How"?

Any ideas welcome such as can I convert with Windows Media Player (Version 9) to something such as MP3 or similar that will allow playback on a "Normal" CD player?

Also, any file conversion software that would allow conversions in "Batches" as doing each one separately will take ages!!

  -pops- 09:32 26 Feb 2003

Someone posted a link to a load of MP3 converters last week, I think.


  -pops- 09:33 26 Feb 2003

BTW I convert to MP3 using Creative Playcenter which, I think, comes with most Creative soundcards.


  powerless 09:39 26 Feb 2003

You will have to use the WAV format then burn a file (that is a WAV file) that will allow the playback on a normal CD player.

MP3's will not play on a CD player, unless it allows playback of MP3's.

You do not need to convert to MP3.

Just use the software to convert the DVF files to WAV then burn it to a CD.

However if the CD player is capable of playback of a Mp3 then click here and click here for WAV to Mp3 encoders.

  powerless 09:43 26 Feb 2003

encoders - decoder :-(

  JoeC 09:45 26 Feb 2003

click here

and download the fichier and the mp3.reg files

This will give you MP3 burning capabilities in WMP : }

Not too bothered about not playing on "Normal" CD players, Mine can play MP3!

The first link is perfect and as I type I have my first batch of 16 files being converted (Which in WAV format amount to 1GB - so you can see why i wish to convert them!!)

Many thanks for the link(s)

  powerless 18:13 26 Feb 2003

1Gig eh?

Thats alot of talking.

Thats just one folder - theres four folders!!

That is why I need to do this - the size of the files to start with are about 6Mb, the conversion to a half decent WAV file (128 Bit rate) creates a file of about 90 odd MB!

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