Convertin midi to wav

  the Rascal 17:29 26 Aug 2003

I was wanderin if anybody no's of a free programme that will convert midi files to wav or mp3,I've looked through the net and there is many that are there, but they come at a price.
(i have a couple of midi files i want to use as background music to a video)as this is a "one off" it does not make sense to me to buy the programme
Thanks to anyone who can help,

  Peverelli 00:18 27 Aug 2003

To save retyping everything, have a look at this thread: click here . Hopefully, it has the answer you're looking for.

  the Rascal 03:24 27 Aug 2003

Thanks to all who replied
I downloaded that programme but to be honest found it really hard to understand as the was so many things you had to do manually,but thanks so far to everyone who respnded. I will keep the post open for a little while longer in case someone else can help me Regard's to all

  Peverelli 12:31 27 Aug 2003

An easier way is simply to connect a recording device (tape/minidisc) to the line out jack on your PC, and play the midi file whilst recording.
Then, connect the line in jack on your PC to the line out jack (or headphone socket) on your recorder and, using whatever sound recorder you've got on your PC, record that recording on to your hard drive. It will then be in the wav format.

Best of luck, from all of us who replied ;O)

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