Converters crash computer

  Survey Surfer 17:47 26 Feb 2005

When I try to convert dvd to avi or any other combination my laptop (3.2 Ghz,1Gb Ram) crashes after a few minutes. There is no blue screen and my winxp laptop doesn't crash with any other apps.

Has anyone had the same problem?


  User-312386 17:49 26 Feb 2005

what programme are you trying to use?

  Survey Surfer 01:06 27 Feb 2005

I am currently using 'DVD VCD Converter Plus' but have noticed this on other programmes.

  groundhog 01:21 27 Feb 2005

Are you saying that this happens with other programs as well.

And that your laptop switches off ie.screen goes blank and all drive lights etc.. turn off.

  Survey Surfer 10:14 27 Feb 2005

What I mean is that any programme I use to convert between different video formats cause the laptop to crash with no blue screen (laptop switches off ie.screen goes blank and all drive lights etc.. turn off).
I dont have this problem with other types of applications I use (word processing,audio & dvd player etc).
I have tried reducing hardware acceleration in
control panel>display>settings>advanced>troubleshoot
but this doesn't cure the problem.

  groundhog 13:29 27 Feb 2005

It sounds like you have hiberation enabled on your laptop.

Right click on an empty area of the desktop and select properties, Select the tab Screen Saver, Select Monitor power, select the tab Hibernate there will be a tick box here to show if hibernate is enabled.

If hibernate is enabled then when you use a convertion program you will need to un-tick this box. Hibernate is used to conserve battery power if there has been no user input for the specified time (keyboard or mouse).

  Dorsai 13:50 27 Feb 2005

Could the laptop be overheating?

Video conversion is fairly CPU intensive, after all.

Many lap-tops use the base as a heat sink, what surface are you resting it on? If it's on an insulating surface, like a table cloth, it may be preventing the laptop from keeping cool.

  Survey Surfer 09:59 28 Feb 2005

Laptop is resting on a table and hibernation, standbye etc. all disabled.
I am wondering if the CPU and/or the graphics card aren't up to the job.
It only crashes with video format conversion software.

  groundhog 22:32 28 Feb 2005

I'm dont think that the graphics card is involved in video conversions I think it's only the cpu. I could be wrong tho.

Is it possible to find out the temperature of the cpu ie. a temp monitoring program I know running both programs together will slow down your conversions but you will at least you will know if it's the cpu temp. Saying that your laptop may not have cpu temp monitoring capabilities.

Also would you mind if I asked you to tap a key now and again to see if that stops it shutting down, I know this is long shot as it's looking more like the cpu temp.

  Survey Surfer 21:03 01 Mar 2005

Can anyone suggest a CPU test programme that might show a problem in the hardware?

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