Convert VOB To Edit in Pinnacle

  David4637 20:27 11 Jul 2005

I do not seem to be able to edit a vob file by opening it in Pinnacle Studio 9. If I can't is the way to convert it (freeware if possible) so it can be editted in studio 9, eg to an AVI or whatever? Thanks David

  David4637 19:19 12 Jul 2005

Any help to get Pinnacle Studio 9 to edit a vob file - any ideas gratefully received. Thanks David

  mattyc_92 19:24 12 Jul 2005

Don't know if this is free, but here it is click here

  andrew-196854 19:33 12 Jul 2005

you could read here very useful site click here

  David4637 16:18 13 Jul 2005

Thanks fellows for your help - am looking at your suggestions, will report back soon. David

  David4637 20:45 13 Jul 2005

It would appear that Pinnacle will only open AVI and varying types of MPEG files, and will not open any of the files ripped to the HD by DVD Shrink (*.vob or *.ifo or *.bfo) The down load software suggested by mattyc_92 is a VOB to AVI converter which Pinnacle could open, but it is not clear on the site whether its time limited?
Thanks dibblydufuss for your link, still looking into this.

Please suggest a site with a vob to avi converter thats freeware. Thanks David

  David4637 16:58 14 Jul 2005

Any help for a vob to avi freeware convertor. Thanks David

  David4637 19:01 15 Jul 2005


  mattyc_92 19:27 15 Jul 2005

I haven't got time to do this for you, but you could do a google search on "Freeware Vob to avi" and see what comes up.

  THE TERMINATOR 20:20 15 Jul 2005

click here
this might help

  David4637 20:20 16 Jul 2005

Thanks for your help M & T. I am still very confused by the terms used in the links produced by your google search suggestion. I need someone to explain the cons noted by the users of this VOB to AVI freeware, its a complex subject which I still know very little.

DVD Decriptor is a backup utility for DVD to say DVD copy, its not a file convertor.

Any ideas for understanding this subject a little more? Thanks David

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