Convert Time to Numbers in Excel

  Woodmouse 12:28 30 Aug 2003

Can anyone help please - Is there a formula to convert time to whole numbers? For example - how would you convert 06:30 (Formatted as Time) to read 6.50 (Formatted as Figures).

  Simsy 12:43 30 Aug 2003

Format the cell you want the new figure to appear in as "number", (probably with 2 dec places),

Then multiply the value of the cell by 24....

eg if time in cell A1 is 06:45 put the following formula in cell B1;


this will give the value in B1 as 6.75

Is thatwhat you want?



  seedie 12:44 30 Aug 2003

Format the cells to time format.

Put the time in, change to number format and multiply by 24

Time is stored as fraction of day, so 12PM is .5 Times that by 12 and you get 12

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