Convert some MP3 Audio Files to WMA

  Audio~~Chip 12:44 24 Feb 2010

Hello, I have 9 MP3 tracks which I need to convert to WMA file format. Like they were a Audio CD. I have Media Player v11 & Nero OEM v7 Essentials.

Can someone help me and guide me on this please.

Thanks in advance all!

  canarieslover 12:48 24 Feb 2010

You can try this converter. click here
Plenty more if you Google for them.

  canarieslover 12:51 24 Feb 2010

Just realised that you want them like an audio CD. They are WAV and not WMA files. If you want to burn them as an audio CD just use Nero and it will do the conversion on the fly.

  Audio~~Chip 13:17 24 Feb 2010

Will try again, my Car Stereo won't read MPs, I just missed out on a MP3 CD player when I got the car in 2004.

  moorie 13:21 24 Feb 2010

In case You havent got Nero,Deepburner is free and has audio cd option.
click here

  MAJ 13:37 24 Feb 2010

Wht convert them to wma, Nero will convert mp3 to Audio CD on the fly as well.

  MAJ 13:38 24 Feb 2010

Why convert them to wma? Nero will convert mp3 to Audio CD on the fly as well.

  Audio~~Chip 14:55 24 Feb 2010

I selected the Make audio CD (which plays on any CD Player) I had no problem a few years ago and must have been trying the wrong option "Create Jukebox CD)

Thanks all so much, now I got my Drive Time Fav music CD again for the jams !

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