Convert records to CD

  jessej 19:57 17 Jan 2003
  jessej 19:57 17 Jan 2003

Can anyone suggest a programme which will help me. I have a large number of old 78 rpm/45 rpm and LP's, some of the contents I would like to put onto CD's, particularly most of the 78's. I have read a variety of articles, which have really got me confused, one or two even give the the impression that no kind of programme is required, just a lead to connect the record player to the computer (which I have - just haven't tried it yet, it seems too simple)

  jessej 20:13 17 Jan 2003

Whoa. Please disregard, I should have had a look round first, there are already more than enough replies to keep me busy just reading them for a few days. Sorry to have bothered you so please, no replies telling me to search first, I've learnt my lesson.

  Daffy-Duck 20:13 17 Jan 2003

If you can find a program that allows you to record for the Mic or Line in, then you can record then to your hard disc. I do the same with my mini disc, but it records them into wav, so i downloaded a wav to MP3 converter. Try It may cost ya, but should'nt cost much.

Any questions, let me know, wouold be happy to help

  jessej 20:15 17 Jan 2003

Many thanks DaffyDuck, if, or, rather, when I get stuck I'll be in touch.

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