Convert a RAW external hard drive to NFTS

  bpzoom 13:49 17 Aug 2018

Windows 10. Attempted to attach my previous machine's hard drive as an external drive on my new machine. It was an NFTS 1 tb disk. When I tried to format it, the format failed and I ended up with an unusable RAW drive instead of an NTFS drive. How do I recover the drive for normal use from its RAW state to NFTS please? There are no files left on it as far as I know.

  bpzoom 21:14 22 Aug 2018

Some progress - the disk is faulty but Windows 10 has managed to format an NTFS partition of 13gb which is usable. It has given a separate letter to the rest of the disk which is described as RAW unallocated and is unusable. My question now is this. Is it possible to delete that RAW partition leaving the disk with one 13gb partition called E? My reason is that Windows sometimes comes up with an invitation to format the RAW partition called F which is not possible, and is an irritation.

  bpzoom 21:26 22 Aug 2018

Sorry, answering my own question. I found video showing the deletion of partitions. I have deleted the two RAW partitions which are now unallocated. They can't be formatted because Windows 10 says it cannot do it. probable disk damage.

  bpzoom 14:58 24 Aug 2018

Thanks for that. I found the geeks site with so many options too complicated although I found the download for crystaldisk7.7.0, the download result showed no obvious way of running it. No exe file just many folders with unhelpful titles. I gave up in the end. Sorry.

  Maria Kaylene 18:28 24 Aug 2018

You can try to run Disk Management to convert RAW. Just open the command prompt by using the run command. Make sure to open it up as administrator. Type in the following command and press the enter key: diskpart. Type X: /FS :NTFS followed by the enter key. (X being the drive letter). This method would transform the raw drive into the NTFS system.

  bpzoom 19:21 24 Aug 2018

Disk Management describes the disk as follows: Basic 931.51gb online. (E:) 13.81gb NTFS (Healthy, Active, Primary Partition) then the rest of the disk is described as 917.56gb unallocated.

The unallocated space was the RAW space which Windows would not format. I changed the RAW space to unallocated because Windows kept asking me to format it. It did successfully format 13.81 at NTFS which I am using for some backup files. The assumption is that the disk is damaged or faulty and 917.56 in unusable.

  bpzoom 00:00 25 Aug 2018

Yes, thank you 64 bit. It ran through all 4 disks and reported them all as Good. I assume in the case of the faulty disk E: it can only report the 13gb ntfs partition as Good, because it cannot see the 917gb part which is unallocated? The unallocated part is ignored?

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