Convert printer to wireless

  jimforrest 11:51 18 Dec 2012

I have a simple network with a wireless router (Orange - Wanadoo B8C0) directly connected by a LAN to a desktop comp (used as an email station), and a wireless laptop running Win7. I want to dump the desktop unit but my printer (an HP F380) is connected to it via a USB cable. I can print from the laptop - presumably via the router and desktop. I don't want a USB cable running from the printer to the laptop so is there any other way I can run the printer wirelessly from the laptop? There is a USB port on the router but I can't find out what it's for (Orange acquired the Wanadoo routers when they took over and don't know anything about them!) The printer and router are side by side.

  difarn 12:58 18 Dec 2012

Until I changed over to the Orange Brightbox recently I had a Livebox - there was a usb live printer port on the livebox - could this be what you are referring to. I connected my printer to that and it was available as a live printer via the router.

Information from Orange on this here.

Unfortunately it is not available now on the Bright Box, neither is VOIP but I had to change to it when migrating to Fibre Optic broadband last week.

  jimforrest 15:13 18 Dec 2012

Brilliant difarn - all connected and printing off the router - cheers.

  difarn 15:16 18 Dec 2012

Good news - glad it works.

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