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  charliep 14:43 06 May 2008

Using Acrobat pro 8.1.2 on Windows XP sp2. When I try to convert to pdf from doc or xls file I get an error message saying "not a supported file type". I checked the prefernces and noted that Microsoft Office is not included in the convert to pdf list. So how do I add Microsoft Office to the list?

  Ditch999 14:52 06 May 2008

If its Office 2007 you could download the free MS plugin to create PDFs.

  charliep 15:03 06 May 2008

I want to create the pdf from within Adobe Acrobat. I have over 200 doc files to convert to pdf and was hoping to do them as a batch from Adobe but it doesn't show word docs in the "convert to pdf" list.

  Ditch999 16:37 06 May 2008

Do you have office 07? When you save old files it can convert them to .docx format. Any new documents created are by default created as .docx unless you specify otherwise.

  Ditch999 16:49 06 May 2008

Sorry, you want to create a pdf from a doc file. Dont know if its any good but click here shows you how to batch convert .doc to PDF/a. I think there is a PDF function in there as well.

  Ditch999 16:54 06 May 2008

And the solution click here
Make sure you scroll to the bottom for the answer.

  charliep 17:18 06 May 2008

Thanks Ditch999. I still can't figure out why Microsoft Office is not in the "convert to pdf" list of Acrobat nor can I figure out how to include it.

  Ditch999 20:02 07 May 2008

Maybe it depends on what you install first? If you install Acrobat before Office maybe it checks all your progs and puts them in the list. Then when you install office it does not get added to the list?

  audeal 22:54 15 Jan 2009

I am using Foxit Reader 2.3 on my XP Pro and have a pdf file which I would like to convert to Office 2007 docx file.

Does anyone know of a program which will convert the pdf file so I can load it into Office and edit it. The document is an Instruction Manual for an old 6x CD Player which I have just been given with no Manual, so I downloaded it and it is in four different languages and I want to edit out the unwanted languages to make the Manual more manageable and printable.

Thanks for any help.

  audeal 22:56 15 Jan 2009

I am so sorry. It seems I posted this thread in the wrong place. Sorry charliep.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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