Convert old VHS to PC to DVD

  BBez 13:26 12 Sep 2004

Hi, needing to copy some old VHS tapes onto my PC so i can get them onto DVD-R...

All i have is an old Aiwa video recorder with Scart Output with two audio output leads that currently run into my Sony amp...

What hardware (capture card..?, leads) do i need to achieve this...

thanks in advance...

  ICF 13:46 12 Sep 2004

Try this site looks very good

click here

Here's another very good source of info
click here

  ICF 13:54 12 Sep 2004

Just been thinking why don't you buy a DVD recorder and just plug one into the other and press play on the VCR and record on th DVD recorder.

Of course this depends on your current PC set up and whether you have to buy a new graphics or video capture card to achieve the transfer of VCR to DVD ie which is most expensive.
click here For examples of DVD recorders

  SEASHANTY 14:01 12 Sep 2004

See thew two pages on DVD recorders on this PCA thread click here
I would recommend the Panasonics from my own experience (I have two of them) but the JVC is also a breeze. The JVC and Panasonics from Digital Point, Free delivery by City Link within 24 hours, are also multi-region chipped.

  SEASHANTY 14:05 12 Sep 2004

The best website for comparing prices is the Pricerunner UK website
click here
For full info on the product and retailer click on the "Direct link" in blue at the right hand side of the retailer info.

  BBez 20:26 12 Sep 2004

sorry didn't reply earlier, just got PC setup after decorating the living room :~)

thanks for all the info, plenty to get on with...


my mum has just bought a DVD Recorder for her TV setup, can this be transferred from the video cassette to the dvd-recorder by just using leads..?

It's an old analogue camcorder tape of a holiday and wedding so i assume macrovision protection isn't an issue as its a blank video tape...

  SEASHANTY 21:03 12 Sep 2004

All you need to transfer the VHS tape to a DVDR is a scart lead to connect the VCR to the DVD recorder.
You can then transfer your VHS tape to DVD in real time. i.e. one hour VHS transfer to DVD in one hour. No PC video files involved. You will of course need a 4.7GB recordable DVD blank disc.

  BBez 07:26 13 Sep 2004

SEASHANTY, thanks, saves me purchasing hardware then as it's only one cassette that needs transferring...

  ICF 20:23 13 Sep 2004

You only need to worry about macrovision protection on commercial tapes.

  SEASHANTY 10:46 14 Sep 2004

Compare DVD Recorders website
click here

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