convert mpg to wmv

  Goodtime 19:50 21 Oct 2004

Anyone know how to convert mpg to wmv? it should be reallyeasyjust cant figure it out. Would have thought the infinite power of microsoft would have this well documented!
Oh well us little people have to sort it out.

Any help would be appreciated.


  gobi 20:19 21 Oct 2004

How about using Windows Movie Maker? I haven't try working mpg in it yet, coz usually I used AVI in it and then convert its wmv output into mpg using TMPGenc. But it is the only program that I know who do wmv. And it's free. Though a bit unstable.

  GroupFC 22:29 21 Oct 2004

I'm with gobi on this one - although a trawl through Google throws a long list which appear to do the job, but it seems you have to pay for most of them!

  stalion 22:47 21 Oct 2004

have made a few home movies useing movie maker two and mpeg format to wmv then burnt to dvd useing sonic mydvd no problems

  Goodtime 16:35 22 Oct 2004

Thanks to all for your advice
Tried using movie maker, but when i try and import the video it says the file is empty! Cant aford to pull any more hair out as I havent got much left.

There must be another way!

Keep the advice coming.

  Goodtime 18:20 22 Oct 2004

Got it sorted by using windows media encoder.
Thanks for all your help.

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