Convert MP3 To Wav With Nero

  david4637 21:31 05 Nov 2003

I have a number of paid for Audio MP3 files which I wish to convert to wav files. I have done it file by file using Nero V5.5.10.54 and the Nero Wave editor. In the process it creates a Peak File (wpk)of approx 1MB for each file.
1. Whats this for, and should it be saved?

2. Can Nero do a bulk file conversion (mp3 to wav), if not could you please suggest some freeware I could use. Thanks David

  leo49 21:35 05 Nov 2003

The .wpk can be safely deleted.

dbPower is a good converter for individual files or batches.

click here

  leo49 21:36 05 Nov 2003

.wpk - What's it for? It's what provides the graphical representation of the track in Wave Editor

  david4637 21:45 05 Nov 2003

Thanks to you both for fast response.

1. Is it possible to bulk convert mp3 to wav with Nero

2. Do you lose much in the conversion. It does not appear so?

Thanks David

  leo49 22:03 05 Nov 2003

Yes it is possible.Open Nero Burning - if you use the Wizard cancel it, cancel also the New compilation dialog box.On tool bar click Extras/File encoding.Click Add button to select files to convert.Having done this change the output format in the drop down menu to .wav.

Nero used to provide a pdf illustrated guide but I'm unable to locate it on their site. If you want a copy, click my envelope and I'll mail it you.

  leo49 22:08 05 Nov 2003

You don't lose anything - the "loss" has already occurred when the MP3 was created.

If the ultimate aim is to burn an audio CD, then you can just drag and drop the MP3's into your Audio CD compilation and Nero will convert them silently prior to burning.

  david4637 12:47 06 Nov 2003

I would very much appreciate your kind offer to mail me with the details you mentioned, please refer to the email I have sent. Thanks David

  timber 14:11 06 Nov 2003

have a look at click here to convert


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