Convert iTunes music to MP3 Format

  amyjen7 13:36 26 Sep 2013

Hi I have been attempting for some while now to convert my iTunes music to MP3 Format with iTunes 11. I found a great YouTube video by Peter Upfold. However, he has only one album in his library so it’s very simple, as soon as you convert, duplicates of each song are shown but not there individual format. To get round this you select “songs” and” Kind” so as to identify those in MP3 format. However, I am sure many of you like me have several albums so when you select “songs” it lists all album songs in my collection, despite my highlighting the Album/songs converted in "Albums". Is there a way round this so only the songs in the Album Selected show when you select “songs”? Any help or guidance would be appreciated Thank you. I run Vista Home Premium

  Woolwell 13:55 26 Sep 2013

I'm not sure that I understand this. In iTunes I click on Songs but I also have the column browser showing artist and albums. If I click on the album then it only show the songs in that album. Do you have column browser showing ctrl+shift+b.

  amyjen7 18:24 26 Sep 2013

Hi Woolwell, I think you have at long last given me the answer and for that I am very greatfull By clicking on Albums in songs it brings my selection to the top but can't follow your ctrl+shift+b.Can you expand on this please. I have spent weeks looking for the answer and thanks again. Keith

  john bunyan 21:44 26 Sep 2013


I am not certain I have understood what you want. In I tunes music, if you choose the a column it will sort in alphabetical order on that column - for example songs, or artist, or album. You can create other columns by right clicking in a space in the toolbar and many choices appear, including "Kind" (I have this ticked so the file extension is seen. If you click on the "Kind" header , it will sort by type, with all the original iTunes (if bought from them) as AAC followed by all the "MPEG Audio files". If you could give a bit more about the end result you want, maybe there is something I have missed. You obviously know how to convert to MP3 and to show duplicates so you could delete the AAC ones via the "kind" column so all would be MP3.

  john bunyan 21:52 26 Sep 2013

PS when I said right click I meant in the toolbar that has Name, Artist, etc - not the one with Songs Etc

  amyjen7 11:22 27 Sep 2013

Hi Woolwell & John bunyan Can I first say how appreciative I am of the help being given by this forum because as a pensioner my knowledge of computers is limited? Moving on, yes up to the conversion of the music into the MP3 format I am ok. It’s from here it gets tricky as I try to identify which of the selected tracks are in MP3 format. So far as I understand it, the next step is to highlight the tracks, select “songs” and up will pop ALL songs in my library (not just the ones I am working on). Now if I am right if I click “Album” my selection will go to the top and from there if I right click under “Match” and select “Kind” the tracks and there format will be shown so I can then move the MP3 ones. If you could confirm this I would appreciate it as I don’t want to mess it up. This would to me be useful column for PC Advisor and hopefully they will pick it up. Thank you very much Amyjen7

  john bunyan 13:23 27 Sep 2013


Many of us here are pensioners (I am class of '37) so you are in good company! On my I tunes there are 3 bars at the top. Uppermost is the menu bar with File, Edit, View ,controls, store, Help. This bar can be turned on and off by clicking on the small icon in the top left of the screen. Next down is the Library bar - on it is Songs, Albums, Artists, Videos, Match. I hardly ever use this bar. Next down is the lowest bar. You can customise this to show the headings you want by right clicking on a bit of it and ticking the headings you want. In my case I have: Artist, Album, Genre, Rating, Plays, Last Played, Kind. It is this lower bar that sorts the music as you wish - Sometimes I click on Songs (alphabet list) but I usually select on artist so it sorts on that artist with the albums in order. If you sort on album the same applies but my default is to sort on artist. If you click on the kind header it will sort on that, but in any case if you have the "kind" column active the file extension will show. You can even move or size the columns if you want. Do come back with any other info.

  john bunyan 14:49 27 Sep 2013

PS when you sort it is not permanent. Whenever you click on a column it sorts on that, so nothing is lost. BTW I set the Ripping from Cd's to MP3. I believe new I tunes can be in Mp3. The old ones can be converted. Not sure why you want MP3 - if to burn a cd I assume the player is mp3 capable. If to put onto a non Apple player you can copy the mp3's using copy and paste from the my Music/iTunes/media/music folder. You can burn an audio CD from AAC files (about 20 at a time) in iTunes then re- import as Mp3 as for ripping.

  Woolwell 14:56 27 Sep 2013

john bunyan - You do not appear to be using the column browser which is accessed by the short cut - ctrl+shift+b or by going to View and selecting column browser. Within the column browser there are 3 headings (you can have 5) entitled Genres, Artists, Albums. If you click on the album only the songs in that album will be displayed and if in the lower window kind is displayed it is relatively straightforward to see whether it is the MP3 version, etc.

  john bunyan 15:11 27 Sep 2013


Thanks for that - I see now what you mean. I imagine it is still necessary to have the "kind" column enabled to show the file extension. I have never, until now, felt the need to use the column browser but now see the advantages - Thanks. The OP should now have all the tools he needs!

  Woolwell 15:16 27 Sep 2013

You do have to have the kind column enabled.

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