Convert ISDN Network to BB

  User-87348949-8D17-47EF-BF40EE49948F5B71 12:36 04 Feb 2005

Hooray etc. Broadband will be connected at my exchange this month so I would like to draw on the wealth of experience that exists on the subject but only in one narrow field.

I have a wired network connected through a CNet hub to a Netgear RT338 ISDN Router which in turn is connected to my ISDN line.

The way I see it is that BT will remove my ISDN connection, check the line for compatability with BB and then leave me with a bog standard BT connection point.

I believe that by connecting a NetGear FR114P Router between my present hub and the new BT connection I shall be up and running on BB. I would welcome comment, constructive or destructive on both my knowledge and choice of equipment - I want to get it right lol

Best wishes


  AndySD 14:44 04 Feb 2005

If bt will change your line from ISDN to broadband then the FR114P will not be suitable as you will need a router/modem/firewall combination.

Thanks Andy,

As it has no connection with XL, I am out of my depth.

I assume that I am OK up to the CNet switch so what would you recommend to complete the loop assuming that BT do complete the ISDN element, they will be providing a Voyager 105 modem.

Can I use this or do I need any other element(s).

Regards Gordon

  AndySD 18:18 04 Feb 2005

click here it looks like bt will provide you with a broadband router. But it may be a good idea to check with them.

  AndySD 18:21 04 Feb 2005

If not then look for someting like one of these click here

As I have a fully functional switch it would appear that the 632 will meet my needs adequately

I will click as resolved but welcome any comments before I commit myself.

  Noelg23 19:28 04 Feb 2005

heres what happens:

1: BT will arrange for an engineer to come round to conver your line from Home Highway back to PSTN (normal telephone line) so you can get ADSL (broadband)

2: Your account that you have now will be ceased and a new one will be created.

3:Contact your required ISP for broadband once your line is back on and bob's your uncle, fanny's your aunt.

Thanks Noel,

thank you for your post, although I was aware of these actions it will help other searchers.


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