Convert handwriting into a text document

  Enchanted_gardener 19:15 04 Jul 2018

I have a hand injury and it makes typing really difficult. But holding a pen is ok. So I remembered seeing a few years ago a software which converts handwriting into text. I went back to that shop but they could not help.

Which is the best software, tablet and stylus or computer to buy? What is important? I have an old laptop running win 8. I have a Kindle HD and an IPad. But if it means upgrading eyc thats not an issue. I just need to be able to write and convert to text. I use Open Office.

Please help. I don't know where to start looking.

Thank you


  wee eddie 19:19 04 Jul 2018

You might find it easier to find Software that will take dictation. In other words, turn what you say into text.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:15 04 Jul 2018

Google docs voice typing - free and accurate - use in google docs within the chrome browser therefore you can use it on any machine.

  Forum Editor 22:54 04 Jul 2018

It's worth taking a look at this.

  wee eddie 03:58 05 Jul 2018

As FE has said, OCR should be able to read anything you have written.

My point was that you said, "But holding a pen is ok", I read between the lines that "ok" meant acceptable, rather than as it was before the injury.

Dragon is said to be first class, speech recognition software, but very expensive. I got to use a friend's copy while I had a wrist injury many years ago, I assume it has advanced since then, it was superb. not as good as having a secretary who corrected my mistakes before she typed a copy, but pretty good none the less.

Windows 10 and Google have their own Free versions, and there are others around.

Remember, if you use an online version, the provider gets to access (and possibly, own) anything that you write. Read the T&Cs very carefully

  Enchanted_gardener 09:00 05 Jul 2018

Thank you very much for the replies so far.

Sadly my accent is not working well with voice software.

I was looking at Wacom tablet with stylus and was wondering if that is something which may work well. Read my handwriting and turn into text right away.

  wee eddie 11:27 05 Jul 2018

Most speech recognition software requires training. I am told that even Glaswegians can be accommodated in time

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