Convert FAT32 to NTFS?

  [DELETED] 00:59 21 Feb 2006

I have Win XP and 2 hard drives. Drive C holds the operating system and general programs and is FAT32 - has 8.5GB free out of 30GB. Drive D is NTFS and I put my games and music on there - has 21GB out of 45GB.
Would there be any benefit in converting drive C to NTFS?
I have no problems whatsoever, perhaps I'm bored and thinking of something to do.
Perhaps as they say, If it aint broke don't fix it.

  [DELETED] 01:05 21 Feb 2006

click here

But I'd leave well alone if you have no reason to do it!

  [DELETED] 01:16 21 Feb 2006

"If it aint broke don't fix it."

I like that. How about 'to err is but human, but to really screw things up you need a computer'

NTFS is more stable than fat32, but if yours is stable then this isnt an issue. If you start downloading seriously large files i.e. dvd length then you WILL need ntfs as it can handle large files. However, not all software will run on ntfs. Also be aware that converting back to fat32 isnt easy at all.


If serious boredom is twitching its fingers then why not have 1 OS on one drive fat32 and another on the other ntfs, so you can boot from either depending on boot sequence in bios.

(grabs hat and coat and runs for door at this point)


  [DELETED] 01:43 21 Feb 2006

Think I'll leave it all alone for now as the vodka is going down nicely and I'll probably mess things up. So, lets see what I can buy on ebay now...

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