convert FAT 32 to NTFS - any issues?

  wildrover 14:21 26 Jan 2004

For reasons lost in the mist of time, when I assembled my current computer and installed xp home, I used the FAT 32 file system. Now I am thinking about converting to NTFS. It appears fairly straightforward but has anyone had any problems converting? I will make data backups, etc. But has anyone had any problems with programmes not running, lost data, etc.
Cheers, W.

  Lozzy 14:28 26 Jan 2004

No issues except you cannot go back..

  Chegs ® 14:32 26 Jan 2004

Only problem I had was NTFS filesystem tends to constanly access the hdd,once converted I had a whole load of XP features to switch off "Allow Indexing Service..."etc.

  ventanas 14:41 26 Jan 2004

Had Outlook 2000 on two machines. Had to run the Office Repair before they would work. Fixed ok and nothing else went wrong.

  dth 15:53 26 Jan 2004

NTFS is recommended by most but I've stuck with FAT32 as it is less hassle and if you have any problems - I find it is so much easier to stick a Win98 floppy disc in the p/c and resolve them

  wildrover 19:20 26 Jan 2004

Mmmmm. OK. Thanks. Maybe I'll give it more thought before I convert.

  SEASHANTY 20:07 26 Jan 2004

....and from microsoft click here

  wildrover 09:57 27 Jan 2004

I kind of new that microsoft were fairly enthusiastic! I am more concerned with users experiences. Many thanks for the responses. Will probably convert this weekend.

  temp003 10:20 27 Jan 2004

If you do decide to convert to NTFS, do back up important data first. The conversion should not cause loss of data but there's always the possibility of accidents.

But unless there is any special reason for using NTFS (such as security features), a conversion (in contradistinction to fresh format) may actually slow down the hard disk performance. This is because on a conversion from FAT32 to NTFS, XP uses a default cluster size of 512KB instead of 4KB.

So perhaps wait till you need to start afresh with XP, when you can reformat the disk in NTFS.

  temp003 10:21 27 Jan 2004

Sorry, "512KB" above should read 512 Bytes (i.e. half a KB).

  Chegs ® 10:25 27 Jan 2004

But can you not specify cluster size during conversion,with a switch?

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