Convert DVD movie to avi or MPEG4 to use on PVP

  Tadpole Ted 00:02 03 Apr 2005

I've just bought one of those personal media players, a BNI PV380-1 Joycoder with a 40Gb hard drive, and I'm trying to figure out how to copy a movie on a DVD into either an AVI file or an MPEG4 file for the kids to watch in the back of the car. The unit has Real One software built into it which should play either.
Unfortunately the software that comes with it doesnt seem to do a lot, particularly as the "read me" file on the CD ROM seems to have been written by someone in China who hasnt quite got to grips with the English language. There is a program called Transcoder on the CD ROM which is supposed to do this, but I cant get it to recognise the files on the DVD.
I've read a few threads in here and downloaded several(!) other DVD "ripper" programs but I just cant seem to get any of them to recognise a DVD in my machine either.

I'm obviously doing something wrong - so can anyone tell me where I can find an very basic idiots guide to converting DVD movies.


  TomJerry 00:20 03 Apr 2005

firstly, it is illegal to copy commericial dvd movie which is copyright protected

The PVR maker will not provide you with any tool for illegal activity.

Now, let talk about technical issue on the assumption that you do not live in the UK.

Tool 1 you need, you need a DVD ripping software such as DVD Decrypter click here, I believe that the use of measure to defeat copy-protection is illegal under the UK law.

Tool 2 you need, you need to convert DVD files into AVI, for example DVD2AVI click here, ImTOO DVD Ripper click here

  Tadpole Ted 00:36 03 Apr 2005

...but I dont think the studios of Hollywood have anything to fear - I'm only going to convert DVD's I've already bought and I'm not going to publish them.
To have a pocket sized unit into whose memory I can fit a sizeable chunk of my kids DVD collection, as opposed to having to drag around ten or fifteen DVD's and a player in the back of the car, seemed like a good idea.

Anyway, thanks for those tips; I take it I simply use the decrypter to save the DVD files to my hard drive, then I use the second tool (DVD2AVI, etc) to convert those files to AVI?
Is it really that simple? Having read some other threads, I got the impression there are loads of other settings I have to adjust to ensure it copies correctly...
Sorry for the dumb questions but I only just figured out how to load music on an MP3 player!!


  TomJerry 00:44 03 Apr 2005

I think it should be simple by looking at the description of those software

  TomJerry 00:50 03 Apr 2005
  TomJerry 01:12 03 Apr 2005

click here

it seems that your player support DivX

  Tadpole Ted 02:41 03 Apr 2005

thanks TomJerry

  swapper 08:05 03 Apr 2005


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