convert to .cda

  please help 18:27 26 Sep 2003

Does anyone know of a free program that will convert .mp3 files directly into .cda files, so that I can write CDs.

  spikeychris 18:46 26 Sep 2003

Never come across any software that can do that. You could convert the mp3s to wav files. After doing that, Any CDR program
should be able to handle the rest.

  Simsy 19:06 26 Sep 2003

wav files to .cda as it makes an Audio CD,so if you're using this you only need to save as .wav

I don't know if it does that from mp3's

Good luck,



  BarryKeith 19:10 26 Sep 2003

Many CD writing programs can burn .cda files directly from mp3. You usually need to select this in the programs preferences.

  krypt1c 19:42 26 Sep 2003

Nero dies do it. All you need to do is select audio as you CD type then select the MP3 files you want to burn. There's loads of CD burner software click here

  krypt1c 19:44 26 Sep 2003

Ooops. Should have added burning that when you burn mp3 to CD as audio the files are converted to CDA files. There's no need to convert them. CDA files equate to WAV files when ripped to you HD.

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