Convert 8MM Videotape to DVD

  collinsc 16:33 27 Nov 2010


Looking to convert my Dads old 8MM tapes to DVD. Assume the only way is to use a capture device box between the camcorder and PC?

Seen the following, is this any good? Any other software out there recommended?

click here


  collinsc 17:22 02 Feb 2011

thanks les. i'll do some tests, perhaps i'll get some software and try it out.


  woodchip 18:35 02 Feb 2011

I have used Pinnacle 9.5 to do the above with my Daughters Camcorder did not need no other equipment.

My JVC also uses Micro Tapes but does have all outputs USB, Firewire, AV etc. As editing can also be done direct on a Video Player using the Camera plugged into a VHS Recorder/player

  collinsc 18:35 02 Feb 2011

thanks woodchip

  collinsc 18:04 12 Feb 2011

As an update - i have tried a different tape and this one is fine!
so i have a cam, i have a dazzle digital video creator 80' device - from many years ago when tried this before - so not even sure if this is useful!?

so now looking for advice on whether i can connect the dazzle to the cam? and whether i then need software, or if windows movie maker will suffice?


  woodchip 18:52 12 Feb 2011

If its like one that I used on my Daughter camcorder, it will do it. click here like the one at the top, will capture stills also from video

  collinsc 19:08 12 Feb 2011

It is this one here:
click here

To be honest i am a little confused in what connects from the cam to the device..!

woodchip - and you used windows movie maker as the software yes?

  woodchip 19:13 12 Feb 2011

Yes does the same thing, it will have extra connection cables, but the camera as to have the same connections think its red white is audio yellow video. Plus a USB plug to connect to your PC. you can use Windows Movie Maker if you do not want to use the one supplied

  woodchip 19:14 12 Feb 2011

PS you have to use the Software to put it on the PC

  collinsc 19:35 12 Feb 2011

hmmm ok, i dont know if i stil have the software.
ok - i'll need to check the connections as per your statement. i'll post once ive had chance to look


  collinsc 18:44 13 Feb 2011

thanks. i'll look into a dvd disk recorder

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