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Convert 8MM Videotape to DVD

  collinsc 16:33 27 Nov 2010


Looking to convert my Dads old 8MM tapes to DVD. Assume the only way is to use a capture device box between the camcorder and PC?

Seen the following, is this any good? Any other software out there recommended?

click here


  Ian in Northampton 17:53 27 Nov 2010

I can't speak for Honestech kit. I used a Canopus ADVC-55 to convert all my old VHS tapes, with good results. It's more expensive than the Honestech, but mostly, you get what you pay for.

  eedcam 09:33 28 Nov 2010

If you have A/V out then a dvd recorder is the eaiest and probably the best route.No furhter conversion will be needed and easy to put on the pc for editing if required later

  100andthirty 10:02 28 Nov 2010

Dear collinsc......

What model is the 8mm camera - assume you have one! If you're very lucky, it might be a model with a firewire socket. If so, the camera might be able to do the conversion for you.

I have a Sony Digital 8 camera and it will also play older analog tapes. It will also digitise the analog tapes and send the digital stream to the firewire socket. This provides a very reliable transfer method to your video editing programme. I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio for editing.

  collinsc 11:01 28 Nov 2010

100andthirty - im still awaiting response from my Dad as per the camcorder make and model. Think it's a Sony. Once he lets me know i'll post it up.

eedcam - will check if it has an A/V out - dont all cams? - Id then need to decide which to buy a DVD recorder or the capture device. My laptop has a DVD burner - assume this differs...!?

  100andthirty 12:20 28 Nov 2010

I'm with eedcam.....if you have to use a/v outputs a DVD recorder is much easier. You could then rip the DVD to a computer later for editing if you want to.

  collinsc 13:28 28 Nov 2010

ok thanks.
still trying to find out if it has an A/V Output.

The camcorder is:

Cassettes used:

Can you recommend a DVD recorder? will certainly be looking to edit the movies. Looking for something simple so my dad can use it!

  collinsc 14:38 28 Nov 2010

ah great! thanks. not sure if he has the manual, will ask.

So the way to go is to buy a DVD recorder? (looking for cheapest) what software can anyone recommend? will windows movie maker suffice?


  eedcam 16:23 28 Nov 2010

WMM yes if you have the latest version and windows 7 not sure about vista .Or depening on what you want to do Ie jus cu and shunt the DVD shrinkis free and though abit clumsy till you use it (compared to bought ones) is fine and will het your dvd onto the pc no prob.
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  Ian in Northampton 16:38 28 Nov 2010

I'm not 100% sure - others will know better - but you may need to be careful here. The great thing about DVD recorders is that they create a DVD that you can just pop into your DVD player, and away you go. However, the DVD is not now in the best format for editing, and may need to be converted to another format. For example, when I did all my stuff, I captured it in .avi format, edited in Adobe Premiere, then burnt it to a DVD. It could be I'm out of date and that there are video editors that can easily handle DVD format - so it's just something to perhaps look out for.

  collinsc 18:43 29 Nov 2010

anchor - so did you use a capture device to transfer from the camcorder to windows movie maker?
if so what device?

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