Convert 36 mixed pages to 1 PDF?

  Diemmess 11:32 02 Jul 2010

Village magazine, folded A4 sheets, making 36 separate A5 pages.
The pages are a mixture of Word.doc, Corel.cdr and the odd jpg.

I can print each individual page to PDF, but the file for the professional printer should be one single sequential PDF

An old copy of Acrobat v.6 will not open on
its own, (the whole thing freezes).

I would like to avoid having to make one ponderous Word file first, before conversion to PDF.

Anything I can do to achieve this?

  woodchip 11:54 02 Jul 2010

This may work, you can download a free PDF creator that when you press print you choose the PDF creator as it loads like a printer. If you can open all the files you want into a Word Program. then choose in Menu Select all the click on Print choose PDF then try Print. There is nothing to loose
click here

  Diemmess 12:20 02 Jul 2010

Thanks woodchip, I gave the village webmaster the entire last issue as one file, but can't remember the detail of how I did it!

I'm sure I did it via Word except that there are many advertising pages in cdr Corel files.
I probably exported this type into Word as some form of bitmap, but which?

bmp, jpg, tif or what? I need good resolution to preserve the crispness of the print.
Absolutely no Jaggies!

  woodchip 14:58 02 Jul 2010

If you open in Corel then Save as Word doc

  john bunyan 15:20 02 Jul 2010

Not sure if this helps, but you can create PDF's from MS Office 2007 with this add on - I have only just downloded it so have not yet tested it.

click here

  john bunyan 15:25 02 Jul 2010

Also worth a try. I have this and have occasionally used it.

click here

  Diemmess 17:39 02 Jul 2010

Yes, thanks both. Now having discussed ways and means I have unwittingly confused the problem.

Using an old copy of Acrobat I can save single files, large or small in PDF form.
What is not so easy is to add pages in Word (2007) when they come from a Corel CDR.

Because of time constraint I'm plodding on, adding Word pages (easy) and CDRs first exported
as JPG figety, but getting there.
I can make 36 separate PDFs BUT

I seem to have no way to add a PDF page to a PDF Document.

  Simsy 18:51 02 Jul 2010


click here

The trial is unlimited, but until you pay for it you get a small "strapline" at he bottom of each page that says, "Printed with pdfFactory"

It's brilliant!

Together with it's partner software, FinePrint, they are the best utilities I have.

Good luck,



  Diemmess 16:51 03 Jul 2010

Grateful for the link. After installing, pdFactory had to wait I while finished the document the hard way.

Now I have had a brief look I'm not sure it helps.
I have been making a complex Word doc of 36 pages including fancy formats and different applications
That was a job taking me hours!

The whole lot goes just over 27Mb for a single file, but "printing to" old Acrobat, gave no fuss and readily produced a single file of just over 5Mb which can be read and printed as any pdf.

Sorry if I'm too fuzzed to see it, but unless I can list files or at leat paste contents into a single (carrier sort of) file and then have it convert to pdf it will only do what is happening at present.
Any thoughts on how to make pdFactory show off?

  Diemmess 09:28 04 Jul 2010

This was the wrong time to experiment and acquire new skills.
I the past I have experimented with all sorts, Corel Ventura (described in a review as having a learning curve like a brick wall).
Serif in the days when it would do almost anything except having an output which was readable by other app.

So I have used Word and though not easy has now produced what I want as it has before.

I'm going to try to make proper use of what I have instead (Acrobat), but previous attempts have usually resulted in a freeze sooner or later.

Thanks everyone for the ideas.

  Simsy 12:14 04 Jul 2010

When using pdfFactory...

what you do is "print" each "job", (i.e. word doc, image, etc), and it just adds them one after the other into a file, which you can then turn into a single pdf.

You can rearrange the order of the "jobs", and you can even delete single pages from an individual job.

Have another look when you've got time. ANd Try finePrint as well... it even looks after the rearranging and repaging for printing purposes if you want to make things in "booklet" format.



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