conversion OS in spanish to english

  sujabi 11:24 15 Jan 2012

a friend bought a Packard Bell Dot in Spain, but of course the OS (W7) is in spanish. How best and easiest to convert to WXP in english?

  Kevscar1 11:38 15 Jan 2012

you can't convert it to XP. You would have to buy an XP disk delet W7 then do a clean install

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:42 15 Jan 2012

Most windows op systems come with two default languages

the country you bought it in (Spain) and English US which you can change to by going into regional languages and settings in control panel.

You cannot change W7 to XP without buying a copy of XP and installing it.

  lotvic 12:00 15 Jan 2012

If you haven't got option to change to English (US) then this might be of use microsoft/W7-direct-download-links you can download the official MS iso of W7 and make new installation DVD in different language.

"get a different language or bit version of Windows 7. Any valid Windows 7 product key determines only the edition (Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise). It can, however, activate both 32 and 64 bit editions in any language"

  sujabi 15:27 15 Jan 2012

Thank you all for your prompt and helpful suggestions. I will try the reset to regional language if option is available first. I was intending to buy XP on eBay as it is very cheap - unlike W7 - it was just the reformat of the hard disk I was not sure about. I amm assuming that no download is possible until the hard drive is clean. Since I am doing it for a friend the cheapest option is preferred. The laptop is a PB Dot.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:37 15 Jan 2012

support for xp is ended soon he would be better learning to use W7 it is a lot better.

  lotvic 23:05 15 Jan 2012

sujabi, won't cost anything to download the W7 .iso from link in my previous page. Link just takes you to a page with information on and then a list of links for each version of W7. You then click on the link for the version you want, then that starts the download of the .iso file. You can use any computer to do the downloading.

When it's downloaded you then have a .iso file which you have to burn to a DVD before you can use it. You use the Product Key that is on the bottom of the laptop (at least it should be there, sometimes it is on a sticker behind the battery so you have to take battery out to see it)

  sujabi 16:44 16 Jan 2012

Thank you lotvic - I will do that and let you know how I get on. It was impossible to find any help on packard bell until I clicked a Google link to support (in India!). However he said that if I went online and called him he would give me a key and directions to download a new system - probably W7 or I thiunk he might even do it from his end. We'll see. Much obliged to you for your suggestions.

  lotvic 17:52 16 Jan 2012

Don't forget you will also need the Drivers for the laptop if you do a new install and wipe (format) the Harddrive. You will also lose all the Packard Bell 'goodies' (restore partition etc and any freebies that came with it).

Make sure you know exactly what you will be getting before you decide which way to do it.

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