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Controlling an MFD From a Computer

  morddwyd 10:36 22 May 2019

The screen on my Epson Wr 7515 is now too small to see even with a glass.

Printing is no problem, of course, bur is there any way to control scanning and copying using a computer (or a tablet or iPad come to that)?

I've had a trawl round the web and can find nothing, bot perhaps the distilled brain power of the tech forum can come up with something?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:46 22 May 2019

Perhaps Epson Docuscan might be what you need, scan to ipad or tablet

  bremner 12:48 22 May 2019

Epson iPrint App

Click here

  morddwyd 12:03 25 May 2019

Thank you. Neither work with my mfd which to be fair is a bit long in the tooth now.

  csqwared 18:57 25 May 2019

I use xsane with my linux rig but it seems that's been discontinued for Windows. There are these alternatives if they are of help.


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