Controling Fan Speed via Software

  ragingmountain 23:15 04 Jan 2006

Hi am running:

AMD64 3000+ 939
Thermaltake Shark Case with 2 120mm Fans one front one rear

I can already read fan speeds and temps via ASUS Probe but am looking for a way to be able to control the speed via software, (have looked in the bios already and no divisers etc to enable slower running) at the moment my cpu temp is around 35oC and system never much over 40oC. Never overclock, and AMD cool and quite seems to make no diff.

Any ideas.

why slow the fan speeds if system is running OK, if it aint broke dont fix it!

  De Marcus™ 23:24 04 Jan 2006

I must agree with handyd, but this may be of use click here

  007al 23:25 04 Jan 2006

Im guessing you want to make it a bit more quiet?
Try this click here It doesnt work on all boards though

  007al 23:25 04 Jan 2006


  De Marcus™ 23:28 04 Jan 2006

to the post ;-)

  ragingmountain 23:39 04 Jan 2006

Hi i'd tried this programe the other day but din't seem to make much of a diff just forgot all settings each time. Will have another try at it for a few days. Idealy i want to reduce chipset fan speed from 9000rpm to around 4500rpm as this is the noisiest fan, system runs stabily without it but wouldnt want to remove it completely have looked into replacing with a large passive heatsink for approx £6.

The % reducton has no affect on fan speed in the advanced settings which ones should i change to actually lower the fan speed.


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