Control panel Troubleshooting

  highside 10:43 15 Mar 2012

Anyone explain two more useless Windows messages please?

In control panel the laptop icon has a Yellow Exclamation mark attached. Right clicked on PC & strated troubleshooter which says 1) "Unknown device" "doesnt have a driver" how do I remove this device whatever it is? 2) "Hardware changes might not have been detected" (has exclamation mark) What on earth does this mean, I havent made any changes since six months ago when RAM was added and that was detected by windows?

HP Laptop Pavillion 8 GB RAM Windows 7 64 bit (as fitted at time of purchase)Runs OK no other known problems.

I have a 7 port external USB hub which seems to work OK

Thanks for looking.

  birdface 10:49 15 Mar 2012

Maybe try in device Manager and see if any yellow exclamation marks on there.

  birdface 10:51 15 Mar 2012

Open up universal serial bus Controllers while in device manager and see if any yellow exclamation marks in there.

Check for unsigned drivers Microsoft reacts badly to those.

  birdface 11:02 15 Mar 2012

Just a thought, [Unknown device" "doesn't have a driver ] I had that problem this morning in device Manager it was showing as a unknown device and it had no drivers.

The only way I could remove it was to delete it and then run my registry cleaner to remove it completely.Without running the registry cleaner it would just appear again at the next boot up.

Now that was my problem yours may be different,Mine never had a driver attached to it and no file for it.So it was safe to delete.

I believe it was a flash drive that I was trying last week and it did not work and I forgot about it.

When I removed it the first time and rebooted the computer froze on start up and I had to start in safe mode and press last good configuration to get started again.

Once I removed it and the ran the reg cleaner it starts no bother now.

  highside 11:18 15 Mar 2012

Thanks for replying the exclamation does show, at the stage I said and also in device manager but only in a sub heading of "Unknown devices"it also shows at the second part of my query. Windows offered to seach for a driver for the unknown device but could not find one.

How did you delete it???? I have a reg cleaner but dont know how to delete the thing.

I suppose that as I oten connect phones and different camera disks it might be associated perhaps one didnt instal properly or something.


  robin_x 11:51 15 Mar 2012

Run Ccleaner, click registry then scan and fix issues. Repeat once or twice to check all fixed.

Also, you can use USB Deview to check for old USB devices.

When downloaded and extracted, right click and Run As Administrator.

Right click suspect device that is Not Connected and Uninstall.

Be Careful not to uninstall your keyboard/mouse/Touchpad (HID Human Interface Devices)

  robin_x 11:54 15 Mar 2012

Note: accidental uninstalls can be fixed by unplugging/replugging device. Or reboot. It's not the end of the world!

  highside 11:56 15 Mar 2012

Buteman/robinofloxly, Thanks for help removed it and ran CC all looks clean now

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