Control Panel is hiding somewhere

  Diemmess 12:38 13 Aug 2012

Trying to help an elderly friend whose family use his computer when visiting him (100 mls away) when visiting him, often leaving changes which confuse him and lose him!

Old PC using still older 14" CRT with XP. No matter it is mainly used for word processing.

Old Epson printer he replaced with a new low-spec. - Canon Pixma

I could make little progress because only once could I find Control Panel and didn't discover the path to CP. It is simply not found as an icon on Desktop. I'm pretty sure the printer is OK, in fact it printed a picture chosen at random using some of the printer's own software. Tried twice to print a short word.doc and gave up when the thing dithered an error light two flashes and a pause.

I think I could sort this by uninstall/delete and clearing all the multimegabyte "Helpful" clutter, then start again to install the printer.

BUT first I want Conrol Panel both visible and accessible?

  northumbria61 12:48 13 Aug 2012

Diemmess - have a look here - this should help enter link description here

  northumbria61 12:53 13 Aug 2012

You should be able to get to the control panel simply typing Control Panel into your address bar or run dialog (from the Start orbit)

  lotvic 13:15 13 Aug 2012

Rightclick Start button | Properties | Start Menu tab - Customize button | Advanced tab, and in the Start menu items panel scroll down and put green dot in 'Control Panel' Display as link or Display as menu (as wished)

  Sea Urchin 14:09 13 Aug 2012

An alternative way in XP. Click Start and Control Panel - this opens the CP window. At the left end of the heading is a small icon beside the title - with your mouse drag and drop the icon on to your desktop. Job done.

  Diemmess 15:40 13 Aug 2012

Sea Urchin - It is the absence of Control Panel from the start button or anywhere else, that is causing this fuss.


I've been sacked, or rather in trying to have the elderly man follow by phone lotvic's method. He responded to the moves while I followed on my computer, but the idea fell apart at the penultimate move.

Embarrassed perhaps by the time spent and his tiny monitor which I doubt he finds easy viewing, he claimed he had to go out, and thanked me in a way that made me think he felt too fed-up to continue.

My dander is up now and a miserable box of tricks isn't going to put me off trying.

No wonder the installation is fouled up if we can't find Control Panel!

I will try again another day soon and hopefully green tick after that.

  Sea Urchin 15:45 13 Aug 2012

Apologies - I misunderstood

Start - Run - in the Run box type

Control Panel

and OK

CP Window should then open - to transfer it to desktop as my previous post

  onthelimit1 15:59 13 Aug 2012

For future reference, I recommend the free version of Teamviewer. It allows you to take over his computer remotely. I've found it invaluable when sorting my brother's PC some 80 mls away.

link here

  Sea Urchin 16:12 13 Aug 2012

I agree with onthelimit1

TeamViewer is an excellent program - I use it for problems around the world - literally.

  lotvic 21:20 13 Aug 2012

To keep it simple, Maybe you will have better luck with:

My Computer > Open (either left double click or rightclick and choose Open)

Control Panel is then listed at the bottom in the righthand side pane and you can doubleclick on it to open it.

OR you can rightclick on it and choose 'Make shortcut' then it tells you 'it can't make a shortcut here' and asks 'Do you want the shortcut to be placed on the Desktop instead?' and you click on 'Yes'

  lotvic 21:24 13 Aug 2012

edit, (Create not make) should read: rightclick on it and choose 'Create shortcut'

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