Control Panel Freezes

  rawprawn 17:29 23 Feb 2007

This is a new problem but not solved by system restore. I get the message "Windows Explorer has encountered aproblem and must close" also "Dr Watson has a problem and must close" the machine freezes and I have to turn it off at the mains and reboot (All the seems Ok until the next time) (Not every time I use Control Panel) I have tried CHKDSK which fixed a couple of corrupt files, I have also run a system file check. No problem with virus or spyware that I can find. All of this has occurred since I took the online scan for "GreenBorder" suggested on this forum to see what files were at risk. I have tried system restore before that point. Any ideas? I am at a loss.

  skidzy 17:41 23 Feb 2007

Rawprawn i have a very similar problem but with my Documents folder.And still cannot find out whats going on.Sorry not a solution,but i am intersted in this thread.
Had this now for about a week,and first thought a corrupt file...but i dont think so.

Im wondering if this is the work of MS updates !

When all else fails,i normally turn to this click here the reg optimiser,however im not at the pc in question at the moment,so will have to wait till monday and try this.It does have a trial version and will correct any errors,but only 10 at a time.
Good luck.

  rawprawn 17:55 23 Feb 2007

Thanks for that I will give a try, I seem to be loss on this one. There doesn't seem to be any reason for it (At least that I can see)

  birdface 18:03 23 Feb 2007

MS updates,The only thing that cured my computer after running the updates, was Last Good Configuration,I know that its not your problem Rawprawn,But might be worth giving it a try,If you have not already done so.

  rawprawn 07:38 24 Feb 2007

Sorry for the delay, the site was down when I tried to post back last night.

skidzy I ran Registry Optimizer and it found 137 errors, so I ran it 14 times (cheap skate I am) and I will see if there is any difference over the next day or so.Unfortunately my machine froze when I closed the program, so I had to reboot, but that may be because a reboot was needed anyway for changes to take effect (fingers crossed)

buteman I haven't tried last known good config yet, but I will have a try if things get no better. You may be right about Windows update, there was a big one a few days ago and the problem has occurred since then.
I will wait and see what happens now, thanks to both of you for your help.
It seems OK this morning so far, but I will see what happens.

  skidzy 17:40 26 Feb 2007

just popped in to see how you got on,have you fixed your issue ?

Still struggling along with mine,but have this feeling its a Java update causing this somehow...bit of a guess though.

  rawprawn 17:47 26 Feb 2007

No problems so far,I am really not sure what was the cure (if it is cured)but if so I think it must have been the Reg Optimizer. At least it hasn't occurred since, so I have my fingers crossed
Thank you for your help and interest.

  skidzy 17:53 26 Feb 2007

Good old Winaso (maybe)....:-))
Since writing the last post i have removed a J2SE update from Add and Remove (115MB) and the freezing has stopped within my Docs.Now i wont know till i reboot if this has cured it,but will let you know.

Glad your sorted.

  rawprawn 18:16 26 Feb 2007

Thanks skidzy, everything helps when you are in the dark :-)) I have just got my fingers crossed. So much for my know how!or should I say know little.

  skidzy 23:29 26 Feb 2007

All sorted and working as normal rawprawn.
I use to rave about Winaso and had not updated my paid version (it expired).
Simple clean up in add and remove (issues with java updates) and the version of winaso i posted earlier seem to have sorted my problem...yippee.

After all this over the past week or so,i think i will buy the full version again,especially as it has more features now.It had never let me down in the past and should have ran it from the off.

Another plus for Winaso.
Hope yours is still running ok RP

  rawprawn 09:29 27 Feb 2007

I'm pleased that we both seem to have solved our problem. Maybe I should look at paying for Wiaso as well.
Since all now seems OK, I will tick this as resolved.
Thanks for your help.

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