Control cpu fan speed

  Luca M 00:20 08 Jul 2007

I recently changed my motherboard to an Asrock P4VM890 and ever since, my cpu cooler has been running at 100% and so is very noisy. On the old motherboard that I had {the HP one that came with the machine} it used to only speed up when the processor was under heavy load or I could control the speed with speedfan, but this no longer seems to work. Does any one have any ideas as to what I have to do?


  crosstrainer 07:36 08 Jul 2007

Control the point at which the fan(s) speed up by entering your BIOS. This is usually done by pressing the "DEL" key (or sometimes F2) on boot-up.

Look through the available options until you find the one which denotes the temperature settings for your CPU. I have mine set to speed up the fans when the CPU reaches 50 degrees, but this will depend on your particular setup.

  Stuartli 10:32 08 Jul 2007

In the case of my AMI Bios settings this feature is to shut down the CPU if it reaches a certain temperature.

My CPU has a Gigabyte cooler which automatically adjusts fan speed, but can be manually altered if preferred.

  skidzy 10:38 08 Jul 2007

Sorry if im stating the obvious here,you did apply the thermal grease/compound didnt you ?

Your manual click here

Check the bios as mentioned by Crosstrainer,Asrock boards are easily overclocked but do carry the usual warnings...check the settings have not been altered.

  Luca M 10:50 08 Jul 2007

Thanks for all of the above replies, but going into the BIOS has not allowed me to change the fan speeds. And yes, I did apply the thermal compound to the cpu.

  crosstrainer 11:11 08 Jul 2007

You are looking to change, sometimes this is done by temperature. I am certain that it's in your BIOS...AMD have a feature known as "Cool and quiet" which needs to be enabled and set to a sensible temp.

  Luca M 11:13 08 Jul 2007

I have been into the BIOS and it does show the temperature and the fan speeds but it does not allow me to change any of them, such as a shutdown temperature or when to speed up the fans. Its a P4 processor.

  Luca M 12:07 08 Jul 2007

I dont know if this helps but I know that its a Coolermaster fan and before it was automatically adjusted by the motherboard, but now its not. Would it just be easier to buy a fan controller?

  I am Spartacus 12:10 08 Jul 2007

A fan controller would work providing the fan has 3 rather than 4 pins.

You have set Thermal Control in the BIOS to 'Enabled'?

  Luca M 12:19 08 Jul 2007

Where would that option be (Thermal Control), and yes it has 3 pins.

  I am Spartacus 12:24 08 Jul 2007

Sorry, I misread the manual, there doesn't seem to be a Thermal Control (other than throttling) option.

A fan controller will do the job but you need to keep an eye on CPU temperature.

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