Continuous Ear-Piercing Beep???

  Tinkey Winkey 23:05 14 Apr 2003

My PC base unit makes a deafening continuous beep once in awhile.The only way to stop it is to reboot but even then it can reacur after awhile.Some days it'll work without any problem.I've noticed some programs can sometimes trigger the noise such as defraging and Norton Antivirus.Anyone else had this problem ?

  pc moron 23:51 14 Apr 2003

When you reboot does the beep continue after a short while if you immediately use CPU intensive programs?

This sounds like your CPU is overheating and your BIOS is shutting down the PC.

Please provide more information- make, model, operating system, BIOS etc.

  Tinkey Winkey 09:15 15 Apr 2003

I'm not sure if Norton anti-virus & speed disk are CPU intensive or not?Last night I was playing a simple 2D game "Chessmaster 5000" and the "beeep" kept kicking in after 3-5 mins.I had to reboot of course,even though the pc seems to be working alright(other than that deafening beep.)My PC is:Evesham full tower Athlon 1.4 GHZ,512 MB DDR ,Win ME,MOBO Asus A7A266.Have to go do my boring job now.Back tonight.Hope someone's out there !

  BBez 09:24 15 Apr 2003

had this problem before and put it down to "bus noise". Although it doesn't effect the operation of the motherboard, it is annoying. Appeared to do it with certain AC '97 on-board sound drivers as I spent a month changing driver versions and then stuck with the version that produced the least noise...

  Tinkey Winkey 09:39 15 Apr 2003

Don't think this is the same thing.This noise is so deafening it hurts your ears.You couldn't possibly ignore it !!Incidently I've just finished the chess game I started last night NO BEEP ? This makes me think it could be over-heating as it was hot in the room last night because my partner likes to have the central heating on permanently.

  jay-uk 11:04 15 Apr 2003

If it is overheating then you can go into you're BIOS and change the temparature warning settings, and you should no longer get the loud beep.

  Gerrycan 11:20 15 Apr 2003

have you tried physically reinstalling your graphics card and latest drivers? also have you done a virus check?

  DieSse 11:39 15 Apr 2003

Modern motherboards mostly have temperature and fan monitoring that can be looked at in the BIOS - Try going into the BIOS and looking for a PC-Health section, or similar, and see what's there.

Also you could have a peek inside the case, and look at the variuos fans to see if they look as if they are going at full tilt.

  Tog 12:00 15 Apr 2003

My PC screamed off and on like a stuck pig when the keyboard plug came loose (still in, but loose). Worth a quick look.

  Tinkey Winkey 09:56 26 Aug 2003

Evesham told me to install the latest Mobo drivers but I thought I'd check inside the PC first.I opened my base unit and cleaned all the fluff out.It was totally fluffed out!All the vents blocked & the CPU burried.That's what happens if you house your PC in a bedroom I guess.
Since then it's behaved - no more screaming abdabs.Conclusion :Must have been overheating.Thanks for all your advise.Problem resolved.

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