Continuous black screens 2-3 seconds long

  Sohail187 23:04 01 Oct 2018

Good evening all,

First time really that I have re-sorted to seeking help on forums as I am all out of options, so any help would be much appreciated!.

First of all my system specs- GPU - Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 CPU - Intel I5 4690K RAM - 16gig DDR3 1600 hz MB - Z79 GAMING 5 mother board Monitor BenQ XL2730 ZOWIE 27 Inch 144hz monitor.

Ok so the issue is that, when ever i am playing ANY game or watching any video either online or something I have downloaded my screen will randomly go black for 3-5 seconds and then come back on. When it comes back on its only on for a few seconds before it starts to go off again. As you could imagine the above occurring constantly can get fairly frustrating.

It just happened recently and I am not sure what has changed to set it off.

  • Things I have done to try and fix this issue. DDU to uninstall the Nvidia drivers and then reinstalled earlier version to see if this help.
  • I saw a video which stated to change the power settings for the PCI express slot. (Link State Power Management Setting: OFF.

  • I have seen a video that recommended using MSI after burner and changing some of the GPU settings on there.

  • I have played around with the VSYNC options on the Nvidia global settings. I have tried the default settings, VSYNC off, VSYNC fast none of them.

    • I have changed HDMI cables in case it was a faulty cable.

That's about it! if anyone has any idea what this could be or a few other things i could try.

Look forward to any response / help.

Kind Regards Sohail

  Sohail187 23:07 01 Oct 2018

Sorry the I should have mentioned the bullet pointed lists are things I have tried that have not worked.

Regards Sohail

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