Continuous Beeps from ASUS motherboard...

  Gaz 25 16:34 12 Jun 2004

Now from memory - asus tend to use Award Bios, so this would indicate Memory or VideoCard problem.

Now I am just checking these now, but is there any other suggestions from you guys first?

Maybe a dody motherboard - but never in all my time had a dody asus. :-o


  SANTOS7 16:59 12 Jun 2004

Award and Phoenix BIOS:

1 short beep: Normal
2 short beeps: CMOS error
1 long and 1 short beep: DRAM error
1 long and 2 short beeps: Video card error
1 long and 3 short beeps: Keyboard error
1 long and 9 short beeps: ROM error
Long continuous beeps: DRAM not installed correctly
Short continuous beeps: Bad power supply


1 short beep: DRAM flash error
2 short beeps: DRAM ECC check error
3 short beeps: DRAM detect error
5 short beeps: CPU error
6 short beeps: Keyboard error
8 short beeps: Video card error
9 short beeps: ROM error
1 long and 3 short beeps: Bad DRAM
1 long and 8 short beeps: Video card error
whichever of these applies may help you resolve your problem,good luck

  citadel 17:05 12 Jun 2004

I have looked at the beep codes list and there is nothing listed for continuous beeps, is there no pattern such as 10 short for the cmos shutdown failure.

  Gaz 25 17:19 12 Jun 2004

The beeps are in no pattern, it is just: beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

And they are quite long beeps, not short and snappy.

However PSU fail, ummm. evem though the system lights up, it could be faulty - its not a brand new one actaully, it was one that seemed to crash a 2800+ processor, umm trying a new PSU now.


  Gaz 25 17:32 12 Jun 2004

Right, I have replaced memory with corsair DDR, and Video Card with a ATi Radeon 9200 128Mb and the motherboard still has continous beeps.

If I take memory & graphics out, a different error code should be produced, but it isnt, same long beeps.

  stevee1 18:21 12 Jun 2004

I've got a similar problem with my own system. I'm running an AMD 2700 on an Asus A7V8X-X.

I'm getting intermittent boot failures where I get a set of continuous beeps. After this I generally have to switch off the power as hitting the reset switch seems to make the PC simply sit there and not enter any POST at all.
If the PC boots then I get Windows Stop errors, normally reporting NTOSKRNL.exe is corrupt.

I have reinstalled Win2000 (several times..!) and have swapped the memory but the problems still persist. Any help would be appreciated.

  Gaz 25 18:26 12 Jun 2004

I think its asus motherboards. Well infact this is the board I am using, the: A7V8X-X

Looks like there are a few dody ones about.

I put the lot now on to an MSI KT4, with no problems at all - works fine.

Dody mobo!

  stevee1 18:55 12 Jun 2004

I think that might be a good tip Gaz. I've already swapped the memory for a new stick and that hasn't fixed anything.

I think I'll take a look at your mobo recommendation and see if I can swap my dodgy ASUS for that!!


  Graham ® 19:15 12 Jun 2004

Continuous beeps may indicate something not plugged in properly, particularly memory.

  Gaz 25 19:18 12 Jun 2004

Tried reseeting everything.

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