Continuous beeping when using pc

  czkkzc 23:05 27 Jul 2008

My PC has recently started to make a siren noise - the system speakers sound continuous beeping. It will last a few minutes then stop. It happens when playing games and has done this when ive played a video on youtube.

I dont know whether the problem is to do with the graphics card, cpu memory, over heating, or something else.

The graphics card was changed a few months ago because the fan on it was too loud and may have been replaced with one that doesnt have a fan.

It has also been very hot recently.

Any suggestions on what to do?

Thanks in advance!

XP Home SP2.
If other info is needed i will try get it.

  DieSse 23:11 27 Jul 2008

It¡ll be overheating or a voltage out of tolerance from the PSU.

Best to check yje temperatures - you can do that in the BIOS by rebooting when thw beeping starts and looking what's out of or close to the limits on fan speeds and temperatures.

You could also try a monitoring program - I usually use the free Everest software, which can display temperatures, fan speeds and voltages, except on the latest systems.

click here

  czkkzc 23:41 27 Jul 2008

It has just happened again after opening a document in an adobe application. I will try what you have suggested. Thank you.

  czkkzc 15:31 28 Jul 2008

Ok so ive run the program and found the voltage for the cpu. Im not sure what is normal or how to find the temperatures.

The core and I/O voltage are 1.475 - 1.55 V and the typical power is 38.7 - 89.0 W depending on clock speed.

What do i do with this info?!

  DieSse 15:39 28 Jul 2008

Temperatures - fans (the most likely issues) - Open the Computer section and click on Sensor.

  czkkzc 15:54 28 Jul 2008

Thanks, sensor takes longer than the other sections to display the data so i thought that one didnt have any info to show.

Temperatures (Celsius):
motherboard - 46
cpu - 57
aux - 35
maxtor - 50

cooling fans - 2961 RPM

Are these unusually high temps?

  C3 16:14 28 Jul 2008

Depends on what processor you are running, but I would say the CPU temp is a little high and the Maxtor Hard Drive temp is definately too high.

If these are the "idle" temps then when the PC is under load, those temps will probably spike qujite high.

  Ditch999 16:47 28 Jul 2008

The beeping is probably your BIOS warning when your CPU goes over 60C
As C3 says, your CPU is too hot and your HDD is positively cooking.

Time for a clean, methinks!

  czkkzc 23:46 28 Jul 2008

Thanks for the replies. I will look inside and clean the fan tomorrow.

When cleaning, do i have to be grounded even when the machine is unplugged? I dont wanna go electrocuting myself!

If the temperatures dont improve i will look into replacing the cpu fan. Would a fan for the graphics card cool down the cpu/hdd?

  DieSse 00:21 29 Jul 2008

Have you got a csae fan - to blow hot air out of the back of the case? If not, it's advisable to get one.

You won't electrocute yourself - the voltages are low - the grounding is to protect the system, not you!

  gazzaho 02:52 29 Jul 2008

Don't unplug the system from the wall otherwise you won't be grounded, just switch of the power at the wall socket and the power at the power supply unit of the computer and touch any bare metal part of the case every now and again to dissipate any static charge that may build up from your movements.

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