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  Frank33 00:28 01 Aug 2007


Fourthly, My wife – possibly the least likely suspect here! - On the occasion that the account was first created and accessed was picking up my daughter from reception class at school and my son from junior school (see above) verifiable by the fact of the time classes are let out of school and verifiable by teachers and other parents. As with my son, above, once she got home at 15.35 she would have had to log on to this site and create the account whilst my son and daughter were milling about in the kitchen. However, on the occasion when the site was accessed on Tues 10th July she was a parents evening with my son and daughter consequently she was available to use the site at this time.

That leaves my eldest son. He attends a school approximately ½ mile from home. Pupils are released from school strictly at 15.30. Based on information given by MBS in my phone calls to them, this means that in the 15 minutes and 43 seconds that elapsed between the bell at school ringing on the 6th of July and the time MBS say the account was created (Not just accessed but an account created!) my son would have had to get out of his class in a large school, walk all the way home, unlock the door, turn on the computer, log on to the internet, google this website (note also that MBS say that he would have had to already know the web address of this site or go though another adult site where a pop up would point to the site in question), go through the pages warning of the sites content and click yes to all the submit pages to get on to the site. Oh, but of course my wife and other children have been home for 10 minutes so he would have had to do all that in five minutes! I believe this to be unlikely.

In summary, I am unable to find a time when one individual in my household could be alone in the kitchen in order to access this adult web site. Moreover, the site in question does not appear in the history of this PC and I am willing to make this PC available to have this varified by a reputable computer technician.

Consequently something else is going on and I will not be paying this bill. I have reported the matter to South Yorkshire Police (see incident number above) and have been advised by them not to pay this bill. According to SYP MBS is now the complainant in this matter since I refuse to pay the bill. MBS or their agents should now contact South Yorkshire Police quoting the above Incident Number in order to pursue the matter with them or with the courts.

I would request that you cancel this bill and remove any software from my PC immediately. Please email me promptly with your reply and the action you intend to take.

  Forum Editor 01:07 01 Aug 2007

and very interested to learn that South Yorkshire Police have advised you not to pay a bill. I'm surprised because this is not normally something that the Police will ever do - they cannot possibly have any evidence to support your assertion that you are not liable for the amount being claimed - other than your own version of events.

A dispute over payment of a bill isn't a criminal matter, it's a civil one, and when someone goes to the police over such matters they would normally provide an incident reference number just for the record - they cannot and will not take any action whatsoever unless someone alleges that a criminal offence has occurred, and then only if their investigations confirm that there is sufficient evidence on which to proceed.

That's why I'm interested to learn that a Police officer has advised you not to pay a bill. Can you please categorically confirm that this is what has happened? Forgive me for probing like this, but it's very important, and could have a bearing on many other cases.

If MBS (or anyone else) wants to pursue someone for non-payment of a bill they must do so via the civil courts, the police wouldn't be involved at all, unless, as I previously mentioned, someone provides them with evidence of a crime. As far as I can see you haven't done that - you're simply disputing that you owe the money. If you don't pay, it's up to MBS to decide what to do.

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