Continuation sheet in Word 2002

  robsmi 00:01 26 Sep 2003

I have made a template with margins set to print on to headed paper, could someone please tell me how to set the margins on the continuation sheets to print on normal plain paper margins.


  woodchip 00:09 26 Sep 2003

Create a text box and put all the info in it. select and cut the text then create a text box and paste the info in to it. Or choose a frame from border/fill cannot help much as I use WordPerfect2002

  robsmi 10:41 26 Sep 2003

Thanks for your response woodchip, I can cut and paste the text that flows onto a second page and print second page from new doc, then restore text to original letter, but other uses of the PC find this tricky and want to be able to print a two page letter onto two different margin setups in one go.

  Pesala 10:47 26 Sep 2003

Where are all the Word users this morning? I also don't use it. As I recall, you have to start a new section for page two. Another way would be to define a blank header that "prints" only on page one, but there must be an official way to do this routine task.

  Taff36 11:09 26 Sep 2003

When you have set up your front page letterhead insert a page break INSERT> BREAK NEXT PAGE for example. Then with the cursor at the top of this second page go into setup FILE>PAGE SETUP and alter the margins to suit. At the bottom of the margins tab there is a drop down box SELECT FROM THIS POINT FORWARD and then click OK.

  robsmi 11:35 26 Sep 2003

Taff 36

I have just tried this Taff, it inserts another page leaving 2 letterheads and one normal, I did something like it before and it inserted two pages, one of each.


  Taff36 11:44 26 Sep 2003

In word turn on the HIDE/SHOW formatting - it`s the button next to the zoom percentage. You should now see where the page breaks are you can delete the one you don`t need. Then as before....

  Djohn 11:46 26 Sep 2003

Try setting first page only, with your letter heading fitted into the, "Header" section, all other pages should follow on with your normal setting of top margin. j.

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