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  Bagsey 12:12 10 Nov 2003

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In the other thread you mentioned swapping the modem from one machine to another, Or buying a switch. Will you please correct my thinking on this. I take it that what is needed for this method would be a USB change over switch. and 2 usb leads. Would there be no problems with the connection set using 2 computers even though they would not be used at the same time. I got the impression from something that I read that only 1 computer address would acceptable to Bt Broadband. I have to confess to being totaly confused and dispirited with this as I have gone to the expense of a Vigor 2200usb router which I have failed to get setup. So am really grabbing at straws for some easy way to get a connection to both computers. I dont need them to be on line at the same time.Any help would be gratefully received

  Bagsey 16:41 10 Nov 2003


  Kudu 16:58 10 Nov 2003

How about click here or click here

  [email protected]@m 17:28 10 Nov 2003

OK, don't panic! The ADSL modem plugs into the phone line as normal. Then connect the modem to the routers' USB.

Then, and this may be what is wrong, connect the network card in each PC to the ethernet sockets on the router.

No network cards? Won't work without them.

  Bagsey 08:36 11 Nov 2003

Thanks for the switching info, it looks to be just what I think I need. I am still not sure if Bt Openworld will accept two computers on one account even if they are not used at the same time. ie Not on together sharing the net.
Has anyone got that answer please. Cant face the IF you want this Press that of the Bt Help line.

  Bagsey 08:39 11 Nov 2003

Sorry to say, IF only it was that easy an answer.I spent the last 2 weeks trying all of those things. I have uploaded the modem firmware to the router etc etc and everything looks good the when I try to connect it just says cant connect.?????

  wint 09:01 11 Nov 2003

At the BT DSL shop, click here they say: "An ideal solution for sharing your Bradband internet connection around the home." This is on an advert for a SpeedTouch 570 ADSL modem with 10/100 router and 802.11b wireless network built in. Oh, and where they say "Bradband" I assume they mean "Broadband" :-)

They also say in the faq section of BT Openworld that: "BT Yahoo! broadband products are designed for a single connection directly to the service." They would appear to expect customers to share the connection within the home - they sell the gear to allow you to do it!

I stand open to correction, but how would they know if you do share & would they really mind?

Sharing the connection is really easy too.

  [email protected]@m 10:01 11 Nov 2003

BT Openworld, or any other ISP, will see the router as one PC. You can have 1, 2, 3, or as many as the router can handle, connected to the router.

If you can't connect still, it is either a configuration issue or faulty component.

  [email protected]@m 10:08 11 Nov 2003

More info on your router click here

  Laser157 11:13 11 Nov 2003

Bagsey, I have 2 computers in different parts of my house. They are not networked. I use both of them on ADSL (Tiscali) with no problems, but obviously not at the same time. I used to swap the USB modem from one to the other, but then bought another cheaply on e.bay so now I don't have to. Having said that the router solution is better if you can make it work.

  Bagsey 13:08 11 Nov 2003

Thanks for that posting, its what I hoped to hear so for now to get things up and running asap I will go for that method. I cant imagine at the moment that I would ever want both computers on the net at the same time.
I will set up the modem on the laptop and then look at a Usb switch. That should be easy as both machines are on the same desk.
Many thanks to all who have tried to help. Once again hopefully a satisfactory result.

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