Continual reminders to upgrade from MS

  BBW 17:16 03 Dec 2007

Since a recent repair, I now get continual reminders to upgrade,from MS. When I do, I am informed the upgrade is not required. I know this as I have seen the files on my computer. Can I remove this reminder shield on the taskbar?

  anskyber 17:18 03 Dec 2007

Upgrade what, the operating system, or is it updates? Which OS are you using?

  BBW 17:34 03 Dec 2007

Sorry about that, Yes it's the updates reminder shield on the taskbar, which is now permanent. I'm running WIN XP Pro.

  anskyber 17:38 03 Dec 2007

Have you used the windows update to download all the critical updates to bring the machine to where it was before your repair? The simplist thing to do is click on the shield and allow the updates, it will then go away.

  Sheik Yerbouti 17:45 03 Dec 2007

Select 'Security Center' from Control Panel,

Under 'Resources' on the left, click, 'change the way Security Center alerts me'.

Take the 3 ticks from the boxes.

Better still, If you are a competent PC user, In Control Panel - Administrative tools - Services...Disable Security Center, and Manually update your AV & Firewall on a daily Basis (They should be on Auto update from within their own programs)...and Windows Update every week or two. (2nd Tuesday of each month is MS patch day)

  BBW 18:41 03 Dec 2007

anskyber, yes, i Have updated 3 times!
Sheik Yerbouti, I would rather the update be automatic, at least inform me when it's required, not as now every day,

  BBW 10:43 07 Dec 2007

Stupid me, I should have followeed my own posting, Dated 20Nov07 i.e. MS Article ID: 312295 Rev.5.6 fault resolved. Why it happened again is another problem.

  johnnyrocker 10:49 07 Dec 2007

the dangers of multi posting.


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