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  [DELETED] 09:42 27 Oct 2003

I am experimenting with making my page width resizable to the browser width. The design width is 720 pixels on most pages, which should be fine on 800 x 600 displays, but it might be nice to have the width of the text expand and contract to suit the user's browser window size.

If I have understood correctly, in Net Objects Fusion 4.0 the way to do this is as follows:

• Select all the objects on the page

• Cut them to the clipboard

• Draw a text box

• Paste all of the objects inside the text box

• On the text box properties, select "Size Layout to Text" then "Contents wrap to browser window"

However, when I do this last step, I get a warning icon showing that there is an overlap somewhere, and NOF crashes if I try to publish the page anyway. Where am I going wrong?

  [DELETED] 11:04 27 Oct 2003

The whole point to NetObjects is that it uses fixed pixel dimensions to ensure that your page elements (buttons, navigation, banners and content) remain in the same position on the page relevant to one another regardlesss of page resolution.

The simplest workaround I can think of for you is to create a table on your NetObjects pages where your content will go. If you give the table the correct parameters it will size to browser window but your page layout will not suffer as a result since the page elements will still be bound by your Master Border and Layout.

In NetObjects 7, this is from the helpfiles under the section Working with text boxes, "Creating Pages that Resize to the Browser Window":

You can configure NetObjects Fusion so the text box is maximized in the site visitor?s browser window. When you use this option, NetObjects Fusion generates the page?s HTML without using tables.

1 In Page view, click the MasterBorder.

The MasterBorder Properties palette appears.

2 Select the ZeroMargins MasterBorder from the MasterBorder name drop-down list or use any combination of AutoFrames and non-framed MasterBorders with margins set to zero.

3 Select an existing text box or create a new one and embed all objects in the Layout area in the text box.

4 On the Text Box tab of the Text Properties palette, select Size Layout to Text and then Contents wrap to browser width.

When you publish this page, the contents of the text box adjust to the size of the browser window.


And this is from the "Publishing with dynamic page layout" help document.

When you choose Dynamic Page Layout, NetObjects Fusion uses complex hidden tables to achieve the highest level of layout accuracy across browsers. To see the table borders in your browser, hold down Shift when you click Preview Site or Publish Site.

Dynamic Page Layout is the default publishing method for NetObjects Fusion. Using Dynamic Page Layout:

· You get relative placement of your content as you designed it in Page view, with relative spacing preserved regardless of the site visitor?s display configuration.

· You can prioritize the vertical relationship between objects so site visitors are more likely to see the pages as you designed them, regardless of their local browser, font, and display configurations.

· Pages can be viewed in most browsers that support the 3.2 HTML specification, including Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 or higher and Netscape Navigator 2.0 to 4.x. Netscape Navigator 6.0 does not support this option.

  [DELETED] 11:06 27 Oct 2003

I'm unsure of NOF version 4 support for these features, but a good look through the helpfiles should set you on the right track.

At the worst you can do the bulk of your designing using NetObjects then do some final tweaking with another program to get the end results you want.

Even Notepad would do the trick, but you'd have to roll up your sleeves and get under the hood for some hand coding.

This is the problem when making suggestion for program use: I can only go with what I have installed which may or may not work with a prior version of that same software.


  [DELETED] 11:11 27 Oct 2003

There are some good sites out ther that support your version of NOF.

If you haven't already looked, there's a link click here which has some downloads and general How To articles for most verisons of NOF.

Some of the downloads may be interesting:

ASP Components

Cold Fusion Components

Building Business Web Sites for Fusion 4.0x PDF Manual


  [DELETED] 11:15 27 Oct 2003

I think this is the crux of the problem. My default layout has a Go Menu on the right margin. If I use zero width margins as required for resizable pages, I will lose my Go Menu or will have to move it from the border into the page layout and then repeat it on every page.

I'll try again later.
I'm not ready to upgrade to NOF 7 yet. It is not a matter of expense, I just want to learn at my own pace.


  [DELETED] 12:09 28 Oct 2003

I got some help from the NOF Newsgroup. The vital step I had missed out was to select the table embedded in the text box, and choose "relative width." This option is only available with embedded tables, so I hadn't noticed it before.

The first test result is click here

I brought the go menu within the page instead of being on the border. This means I shall have to move it for every page on my site that I want to be resizable ? maybe I'll put it off for a bit.

However, at least I have got the basic idea of how to make pages resizable in Net Objects Fusion.

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