Contant crashing and errror meaasges

  wiggywaggy 10:11 31 Jan 2005

My computer is contstnaly crashing and coming up with error boxes.
Exploer has caused an error kerne32.dl or krnl386.exe. I have mcfee installed but now message box keeps popping up to tell me to purchase upto date stuff.
Can anyone advise me on this as i am getting more an more stressed withit.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:31 31 Jan 2005

You need to give more details of your machine - operating system, hardware etc.

  Gongoozler 10:45 31 Jan 2005

Can you also give more information about these boxes that are popping up.

Meenwhile, make sure your antivirus is up-to-date and download install and run AdAware click here

  ACOLYTE 11:23 31 Jan 2005

Is this just a coincidence that mcafee is due to expire and all these errors occur,i may just be being cynical,but try uninstalling Mcafee and try AVG and ZA as your protection.Of course it may have nothing to do with this just a thought.

  wiggywaggy 16:36 12 Feb 2005

I have now installed spysweeper & the crashing has stopped. Now I keep getting teh about blank page which I didn't before and I cannot access Msn hotmail without this coming up instead. Also I am getting about blank and spyware popups on my incredimail and I have tried spysweeping agian. It finds the offending about blank and also an adware hijacker. I ask for these to be fixed but they still keep coming back. I am on windows ME programme. When it appears on incredimail i get an error box that says Error on kenel32dll and it asks me to close the programme. Can anyone shed any light on how I can get rid of this permantly.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:58 12 Feb 2005

spyware is hiding in the restore files

switch off system restore System restore
Right-click My Computer, click Properties. On the Performance tab, click File System. On the Troubleshooting tab, click to select Disable System Restore. and run spyware progs

Reboot and Right-click My Computer, click Properties. On the Performance tab, click File System. On the Troubleshooting tab, this time clear the Disable System Restore check box.

  Indigo 1 17:05 12 Feb 2005

I would also suggest downloading and installing, updating and running all of these,

Spywareblaster from click here a

SpybotS&D from click here

Ad-Aware SE from click here don't forget to UPDATE before you run them.

  wiggywaggy 11:14 13 Feb 2005

I took your advice fruitbat but the problem is still there. I also ran the other 3 programs as suggetsed, but no joy.
I cannot get on msn at all and my incredimail is still being attakced by pop ups for spyware. This mosrtly happens on the main account not the familys accounts? anymore suggestions anyone.

  Indigo 1 13:18 13 Feb 2005

you mention Incredimail.

I for one have stopped using this program as I was plagued by pop-ups and adware.
Since I stopped using it my PC has been much better behaved.

Have you tried accessing your mail with any other program ? Or Have you tried to access it via your ISP's homepage ?

Most ISP's have a member log-on area where you can read your mail online.

The only other suggestion I can give is to download install and run Hijacthis from click here this link should start an automatic download don't worry it is safe.

Then post the log here for some else to check for you. You will have to save a copy of the log then post it leaving a double space for each line but just break the whole log into 3 or 4 sections and post them seperately (max 800 words per posting).

Good luck.

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