Contacting Symantec

  beansix 18:46 27 Jul 2004

I have received an email which claims to come from Symantec telling me that I am guilty of mass mailing because of a worm.
The problem is that the email was infected with a virus and sent to an address that I cannot send from because I always log on via a different ISP (ie it is a hoax with a virus).
I am trying to send details to Symantec so that they can crack down on someone who seems to have 'spoofed' their address but there does not seem to be anywhere on their site which allows this - does anyone know an address that I can use?
(ps [email protected] does not work - it just sends the email back saying that it is locked to me)


  GaT7 19:06 27 Jul 2004

I don't think it's possible to contact Symantec directly via email because of security concerns.

Instead go to click here & use one of the contact links there or contact them via the 'virus support services - Help with the removal or detection of viruses and other VIRUS RELATED questions.' Good luck, G

  sattman 19:38 27 Jul 2004

I think that the message is not legitimate, it is all connected with hoaxes, virus, trojan and mass mailing scams.

Make sure your AV is updated and delete all emails which you either do not recognise the source or are doubtfull or infected.

Consider down loading and using click here

  beansix 20:08 27 Jul 2004

To Crossbow7
Thanks but this link goes to Symantec itself which I have already tried - it does not actually allow you to send them a message (I shall try calling them tomorrow but I am not going to spend much time on the 'phone just to tell them something which is to their advantage rather than that of the rest of us!)

To sattman
Thanks but I already know that it is a hoax and virus - I did point that out in my first posting.
I run Norton Antivirus which is fully updated via the Intelligent Updater which is how I knew that it was infected.

  rpj 16:41 20 Sep 2004

Did you ever manage to contact Symantec? I have been trying for months and have been stonewalled at every turn.

  beansix 19:06 20 Sep 2004

'fraid not.

I contacted customer services and told them about the situation but they just said that it was a spoof which I had already told them.

They do not seem interested in tracing back to find out where it started (it is probably impossible anyway) so I just dropped the matter.

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