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  Forum Editor 10:02 28 Jun 2003

Many people are using the 'Contact Moderator' button to send us emails about computing problems, or to respond to posts I've made in their threads.

Unfortunately I can't resolve individual problems via email, for one thing there isn't the time, and it defeats one of the main objects of the forum, which is to allow other users to see answers to problems experienced by others.

The Contact button is there for you to use if you need help with using the forum, or if you want to contact us privately on some other matter - anything in fact apart from asking for help with computing problems. Please do not use it to answer me when I contribute to your thread - I'm getting swamped!

  -pops- 11:18 28 Jun 2003

Could I make an addition to this, please.

Fairly often when I've posted an answer to a thread I get a response via email. I don't mind replying to the email but it is better for all concerned if responses are made to the forum rather than privately. This then enables others to see what is going on and either make a contribution or to remember the response for future reference. The thread also goes into the archive for possible later retrieval and a full record of the thread is the most help in the future.


  barrie_g 11:58 28 Jun 2003


  DieSse 12:04 28 Jun 2003

I agree wholeheartedly - in fact I've stopped responding to direct emails now, unless by invitation, or for off topic personal matters.

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