Contact Forum Editor - How?

  Diemmess 16:29 28 Jan 2006

"There are none so blind as will not see"
Rather than a new thread, I've searched without any luck for direct message for FE so I apologise unreservedly if the facility is still there.

To the point........ a current post by Michelle C has weird formatting on my computer. No others have this, which when scrolling has about two pages of blank before the 11 messages appear.
click here
The messages are all 1 liners and need horizontal scroll to see them.

I hope it is a one/off and that it 'aint' me, but someone looking at it for the first time might think it was blank altogether

  Chegs ®™ 16:33 28 Jan 2006

Right above your forum username is the Contact FE link.

The problem you are refering to is caused by long lines of unbroken text screwing up the forum formatting.

================================================== <Like these

  Diemmess 16:37 28 Jan 2006

Correct - I must be word blind. Thank you.

Incidently do you find the link looks weird?

  anskyber 16:38 28 Jan 2006


  Diemmess 16:48 28 Jan 2006

Thanks anskyber.
At least I'm not the only one in step!

I wont bother FE with this trivia, he would probably rate it as just a "glitchette"

  PaulB2005 17:52 28 Jan 2006

It's not really a glitch - it because MichelleC has posted a entry with lots of characters all in one line with no spaces. I guess the forum has no way to break these up and so tries to fit it in.

  Forum Editor 18:01 28 Jan 2006

is the very food and drink of my life Diemmess, I deal with it often.

I've dealt with this particular problem now, so rest easy.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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